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Zendaya agreed to the third season of “Euphoria” for obscenely large fee

Seems like a new addition to the close-knit club of $1 million-per-episode actors is Matthew Belloni, founder of Puck News and former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, that Zendaya has signed a new contract with HBO ahead of the third season of Euphoria . And there are a lot of zeros!

The exact figure is not known, but according to Belloni’s source, it is in the range of $ 850 thousand to $ 1 million. This is more than Henry Cavill had for The Witcher ( $ 400 thousand), Pedro Pascal – for “One of the us” ($600,000) and Jason Sudeikis for “Ted Lasso” ($400,000). However, Sudeikis still got himself a well-deserved promotion for the third season and will earn more than Zendaya, which is nice.

But who Spider-Man’s love is still far away (in every sense) is Harrison Ford and Helen Miren, who are paid a lot of money for Yellowstone: 1923 , Kevin Costner with his $ 1.2 million for Yellowstone and Chris Pratt with his $1.4 million for The Death List . But even they can’t reach John Krasinski , who, according to the latest data, is the highest paid serial actor, receiving $ 2 million per episode of Jack Ryan .

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