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Your heart is my land, thank you so much for this love -Yash

A week after the release of KGF: Chapter 2, the hero Yash has come up with a heart touching video. Yash tells the story of a child who has strong faith and says that it is not enough to say thank you for the love given by the fans.

Yash thanked the fans through Instagram. Once upon a time there was a country that had been experiencing severe drought for a long time. One day he decided to call everyone in the village and perform a prayer or gum. Only one child came to the meeting with an umbrella. Some said he was foolish, while others said he was overconfident. I’m like that kid who was convinced that such a day would come. Yash said in the video.

Yash said he was not in a position to say thank you but thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart. Thanks for the KGF team. Yash added that the aim of the KJF team was to provide a great film experience. He concludes the video with the KGF dialogue ‘Your heart is my land’.

According to reports, KGF: Chapter 2, a Kannada film, is making a comeback at the Indian box office. The movie continues to break the record of the first part of Bahubali and Rajinikanth’s 2.0. KGF is the seventh highest grossing film in India.

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