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You Season 3 First Trailer Released & Other Details

There will be three seasons of the fantastic psychological thriller ‘You.’ Netflix releases the trailer for season 3 at the end of August. This series is returning after a long absence of two years.

The fans are very excited about the upcoming season and have many questions. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet announced whether the entire season will be released at once or week by week.

You Season 3 First Trailer Released & Other Details
You Season 3 First Trailer Released & Other Details

Netflix has confirmed that season 3 of ‘You’ will premiere on 15 October 2021. Unfortunately, because of the covid-19 pandemic situation, the third season has been delayed for a long time, and the production has been waiting for the safety of its cast and crew.

The 3rd season will have how many episodes?

In terms of episodes, nothing has changed. Seasons one and two have the same attacks. The third season of ‘You’ will have 10 episodes, according to Netflix.

You Season 3: New Cast members?

Season 3 has a few confirmed members. Season 3 cast members were announced on Twitter by Netflix. Season two of the show will feature several familiar faces.

As Matthew, Scott Speedman portrays an uncommunicative father, wife, and successful CEO. However, a deep well of emotion lies beneath his reserve, his mysterious demeanor, and his tendency to withdraw.

Shalita Grant plays a mean woman called Sherry, who poses as a mom-influencer but is a mean girl pretending to welcome Love into her circle.

You could catch up on ‘You’ by watching both previous seasons on Netflix if you lost your grip. Each episode is about 45 minutes long.

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