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X-Men ’97: Stories the New Animated Series Need To Adjust

With the reboot of X-Men: The Animated Series can be found in 2023, here are some stories that the brand-new program need to adjust.

Back in October 2021, Marvel Studios revealed throughout Disney+ Day that an extension of the well-known popular culture tv program X-Men: The Animated Series was pertaining to the streaming platform in late 2023. Premiering all the method back in 1992 on Fox, X-Men: The Animated Series was a vital and business success; with ratings as high as 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and other aggregate ranking websites. With an initial group of Cyclops, Teacher X, Wolverine, Rogue, Monster, Gambit, Jean Grey, and Jubilee, X-Men adjusted lots of popular stories from the X-Men comics throughout its influential 5 season run; consisting of the precious story arc The Dark Phoenix Legend.


With more than twenty-five years in between the ending of the initial series and the start of the brand-new one, numerous brand-new X-Men stories have actually been composed and produced by Marvel Comics; offering the authors of the brand-new program a mountain of product to pick from and adjust. Which stories should they opt for? Here are a couple of we’d like to see.

Home of X/ Powers of X

In between approximately 2007 and 2018, Marvel’s X-Men line of comics remained in a little a lull. Titles such as Rick Remender’s Exceptional X-Force, Keiron Gillen’s Exceptional X-Men, and Brian Bendis’s All New X-Men are the ones that stand from the crowd throughout the period, however the remainder of the X-lines suffered, going through several reboots and authors. However in 2019, the X-Men titles got an enormous reboot under famous Marvel designer Jonathan Hickman, beginning with Home of X/Powers of X. Bringing the X-Men to their brand-new house on the mutant island Krakoa, Hickman’s X-Men reboot has actually gotten tremendous vital and fan success considering that it started. With a brand-new X-Men: The Animated Series premiering, what much better method to reboot than with a traditional story that restarted the X-Men comics for the much better.

Home of M

Among the most significant X-Men stories post-2000, Home of M is a story in which Magneto, after declaring a conspiracy to eliminate Mutants by U.S. President Richard Nixon, ends up being the leader of the country of Genosha, and enables mutants to get the supremacy he so frantically declares over typical human beings. It’s exposed throughout the series that the world of Home of M was produced from the reality-altering powers of Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff). In the end, and what the Home of M story is most understood for, is Scarlet Witch annihilating the mutant population from almost a million to simply a couple of hundred. A story with major effects and an expanded world, Home of M would be best adjusted in tv format.

The Messiah Complex

Basically a follow up to the story of Home of M (which discusses why it needs to be adjusted), The Messiah Complex is focused around the birth of the very first mutant considering that the decimation, with almost every faction and group of mutants pursuing the “Messiah” of mutants. An enormous three-part legend of betrayal, thriller, and pure mutant strength; Messiah Complex would be a worthwhile story for the animated series.


A crucial plot point in the initial X-Men animated series was the dispute in between Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Wolverine (James “Logan” Howlett), with their clashing characters, and their battles over enjoy their interest, Jean Grey. The clash in between the 2 iconic X-Men caps in 2011’s Schism crossover. After huge fights with wicked mutants, the devilish Hellfire club, and the ever-present Guards; Cyclops and Wolverine lastly reach their snapping point due to ideological distinctions, and lastly combat each other. Heartbreaking to see, Schism would bring the level of stakes and feelings the brand-new animated series would require.

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The Dark Angel Legend

With the initial animated series adjusting the ever-popular Dark Phoenix Legend, it appears fitting to have the brand-new series adjust a story in a comparable vein: The Dark Angel Legend. Occurring throughout Rick Remender’s Exceptional X-Force run, The Dark Angel Legend sees the mutant Archangel (Warren Worthington III) replace the well-known X-Men bad guy, Armageddon. He collects brand-new armies, in addition to the horsemen, to handle the X-Force. The only method for them to stop Archangel, is to go to deep space of “Age of Apocalypse”! Thought about to be among the best X-Men stories of the 2010s, The Dark Angel Legend would be interesting to see in the brand-new series.

With more than 60 years-worth of source product to pick from (that hasn’t currently been adjusted). The showrunners for X-Men ‘97: The Animated Series are going to have a difficult time picking and choosing the stories for the new show. The four listed above are just a few we’d like to see made into animation.

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