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Will There Be A Season 3 Of Never Have I Ever?

Devi Vishwa Kumar, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, might have better impulse control. But it’s still fun to see the consequences of her decisions! Never Have I Ever’s the second series. Now streaming on Netflix, the film opens with Nalini, Devi’s mother, seeing her daughter kiss Ben (Jaren Leeson), Devi’s rival-turned crush. It’s not surprising that Devi returns home to find Paxton (Darren Barnet), her other crush waiting for her. Paxton has always been a little wishy-washy about his feelings. Could he have changed his ways? Devi knows that her family will soon be moving to India and she decides to play a game with them before jumping ship. She will date them both secretly and independently! She’ll travel to another continent before either one of them discovers.

Her plan doesn’t end as she expected, especially since Devi is forced to cancel the India trip and leaves behind two boys who betrayed her and a guilt-ridden conscience. The love triangle continues to thump at full speed by the time school dance rolls around. Devi has left behind Ben (Megan Suri) and Devi is jealous. Paxton also realizes how much Devi has done. Paxton and Devi end the season together, officially. Ben is surprised at how much he longs for Devi back.

What’s next for our favorite hothead? And her complicated romances? This is what we know about season 3.

Do you think there will be a third season of Never have I Ever?

The second season has reached Netflix’s Top 10 but the streaming service has yet not renewed the quirky teenage drama for a third installment. There’s no need to be alarmed. It was originally launched in April 2020. The show wasn’t renewed until July 2020. Therefore, it is likely that we will have to wait for confirmation from Netflix about a renewal.

When will season 3 Release?

If Never have I Ever keeps the same release schedule, season 3 would most likely debut in the middle to late 2022.

What’s next?

Devi and Paxton are now officially an item after many ups, downs, and heartbreaks in season 2. Devi can now claim to be a girlfriend after their spectacular entrance at the Winter Dance. Season 3 will undoubtedly focus on Ben’s insecure feelings for Devi and Anesa as well as Devi’s struggle to navigate a public relationship that she has with a boy who once embarrassed her to be seen with him.

There are also all the other characters and their drama. Will Kamala (Richa Morjani) ever be ready to marry? Will Devi’s mother, Poorna Jagannathan, continue to date Chris Jackson (Common). Will Devi ever be able to change her unpredictable ways? We can only hope that Devi stays wild for the sake of good television.

While we wait patiently for an official season renewal announcement from the network, Barnet shared his hopes and fears for Devi’s and Paxton’s public relationship. I would love to see how they are together as an exclusive couple. Barnet stated that this will bring new challenges and there is a lot more to discover. Devi can learn a lot about Paxton and Devi can learn a lot about Paxton. Who knows what will happen when it all comes to fruition? You never know what might happen. They may fall in love, realize they are better together as friends or hate each other.

Entertainment Tonight interview: Ramakrishnan talks about Devi and Paxton’s potential relationship in season 3. It was a two-timing arrangement, which Dr. Ryan and Eleanor both say doesn’t count. It’s not true. She has zero boyfriends. It will be exciting to see her as a friend, a new kind of relationship in her life.

She said, “But Paxton realizing Devi means to him was nice. He realizes that ‘This person believes in me and doesn’t think I’m stupid. It was a great feeling to see Paxton putting aside his pride and ego, and offering forgiveness.

ET was told by Lang Fisher that Devi’s dating experience is new. He said that the show’s future will explore “sex and how to do it if you’re a nerd with very little experience and are dating an experienced guy.”

Fisher also promised that we would see more of Devi’s family. “We introduced her grandmother, Nirmala, this season, who [Ranjita Chkravarty] is an amazing actress, and she just brought a whole new dimension to the show and kind of filled in a bit of the void Mohan left. I would love to see her new family dynamics now.

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