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Will Outer Banks Return For Season Three, And When Would It Premiere?

The Netflix season two of Outer Banks smashed us like a torrential rainstorm with as many mystery treasure making-out strange but very quotable vocabulary as our tiny brains could manage. John B will not be denied, we had another great cliffhanger. Sarah’s family took the Cross of Santo Domingo and tried to kill Sarah.

When Sarah is rescued by the Pogues, she decides to throw the cross in the sea, but Sarah’s relatives fish it out and chase the crew with all of the treasures. Oh, and John B.’s father is still with us. Is that a good finale? After you’ve had a chance to take a few moments, continue reading for all the details about the next season.

Let’s not forget the last thought. The alligators seem to be having a good time with this attack. First, Alligator Loki. Ravenous Netflix Alligator. What are we doing?

Will Outer Banks Return For Season Three, And When Would It Premiere?

What is Netflix? Netflix? Why not just stop streaming new seasons on a popular show? Sheesh. The streaming platform has not yet revealed if we will see the third season of the coastal bonanza. There is probably a third season in the works, but rest assured. Entertainment Weekly’s Jonas Pate, Outer Banks’ creator, spoke about the series’s long-term game last year.

“Ever since the show started, we always considered it as a four-season or five-season series, but four,” he stated. “We’ve arced it pretty far. I just hope we can get a chance at telling those stories.”

What Could Happen In The Next Season Of Outer Banks?

It seems like there is a clear path for the Pogues forward. However, Pate recently gave us some clarification.

Pate stated that “We can’t shine the light on everybody all of the time. That’s just not possible.” We can only hope that if they keep going, there will be other characters who get the spotlight.

Do we expect a JB-heavy episode, with John B’s father being alive? Regardless of whether or not anyone in the rest of the cast gets that spotlight Pate spoke about, we can expect that to be a major plot point in the next season.

And what else? The chase continues. Ward and Camerons still have a beef to settle against the Pogues. Therefore, we expect another standoff at S3 E1. Although the Pogues have decided to throw in the cross, it wouldn’t surprise us to see the crew seize the treasure. Then, the evil guys will take the treasure back. At some point, the treasures will be replaced by new ones. This will continue until Netflix says it’s over with Outer Banks.

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