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Who is who in season 3 of “Sky Rojo”

When does “Sky Rojo 3” premiere?The end of fiction premieres on Friday, January 13 on the streaming platform , internationally, and here we tell you who are the actors and characters that make up the new season of the story created by Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato , the minds behind “La casa de papel” .

You can also see here the official trailer of theSeason 3 of “Red Sky”:

Who Are The Actors And Characters In “Sky Rojo 3″?

Veronica Sanchez as Coral

Veronica Sanchez will resume Coral ‘s story at the end of “Sky Rojo”. Season 3 is marked, without a doubt, in the determination of the protagonist to finally achieve the freedom so longed for until season 2. Will she get it?

Lali Esposito as Wendy

Argentine actress Lali Esposito returns to fiction as Wendy , one of her most representative characters in recent years. The also singer says goodbye to the brave young woman who only wants happiness with her friends after escaping from hell.

Yany Parado as Gina

In the same way, Yany Prado returns to “Sky Rojo” as Gina , one of the most complex protagonists of the Netflix series, who takes care of her pregnancy while she joins her companions in search of the tranquility of living away from prostitution.

Asier Etxeandia as Romeo

Asier Etxeandia returns with the almost immortal Romeo , the owner of the Las Novias nightclub and tireless pimp who is after Coral, Wendy and Gina. The illegal and disastrous link between the protagonists and the villain ends at once in season 3 of “Sky Rojo”.

Miguel Angel Silvestre as Moses

Miguel Angel Silvestre reprises his role as Moises , a hitman who has been on the trail of the protagonists for two seasons, who fled from Las Novias, destroying everything around them. Along with Romeo, this antagonist will seek to end them once and for all.

The Actors Who Join “Sky Rojo”

rauw alejandro

Reggaetonero Rauw Alejandro was confirmed as one of the figures joining the cast of season 3 of “Sky Rojo” . His character is called Diego and he is a mechanic who helps the protagonists in the last two episodes of the Netflix series. The man, who also knows martial arts and is in the Canary Islands for a complex love affair, decides to give them a hand even though they lie about his situation.

Tiago Correa

Similarly, Tiago Correa is one of the new faces of “Sky Rojo” . The actor joins for the end of the television show with the character of Darwin, a dangerous and experienced criminal hired by Romeo to keep track of Coral , Wendy and Gina . Correa’s career has been marked by major productions such as “La Casa de las Flores” , “Madre there are only two”, “Intimate Enemy 2”, among other fictions.

catalina sopelana

Another of the talents added to the end of “Sky Rojo” is the actress Catalina Sopelana . The artist has been in productions such as “El Vecino”, “Laws of the Border” and “Modelo 77” . Those responsible behind the Netflix series have also kept their foray into the next episodes a secret.

How To See The End Of “Sky Red”?

The complete episodes of the “Sky Rojo” series will be available on the Netflix streaming platform starting Friday, January 13, 2023. The first two seasons are uploaded to the interface and you can see them

What Is Season 3 Of “Sky Rojo” About?

According to the synopsis of the third season of “sky red”, “ the new episodes will take place six months after the last battle, Coral, Wendy and Gina discover that peace is just a false feeling between periods of terror.

When their new life falls apart, the girls understand that the past always comes back and that if they want to be truly free, they must put an end to it. Or what is the same, with Romeo ”.

Will “Sky Rojo” Have A Season 4?

The short answer is that “Sky Rojo” will NOT have a fourth season , since it was already known that the story of the three friends would end with this installment . When season 3 was confirmed to take place in August 2021, it was also reported that that would be the conclusion of the series .

Considering how the facts turned out, there do not seem to be any loose ends to continue building more drama. Let’s let Wendy and Coral have their happy ending, shall we?

What Does The End Of Season 3 Of “Sky Rojo” Mean?

Although Gina died at the beginning of the season, the rest of the girls manage to survive at the end of “Sky Rojo”. This includes both Wendy, Coral, and the rest of the workers inside the brothel. The girls were transported in a bus to be able to live freely. Diego and his sister also manage to stay alive, despite the fact that Darwin had hit them with a golf club.

Who does not survive is Romeo . After many attempts to exterminate him, the owner of Las Novias died inside his premises, which was set on fire thanks to the efforts of the protagonists and their alliance with Moises (he changed sides after learning that it was actually Romeo who let Romeo die Christian and murdered his mother).


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