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Who is Barbarela, the daughter of “Babo” of the Santa Cartel

Barbarella He is 23 years old and has followed the same path as his father, he also raps. She wanted to show that she has her own style and that her talent runs in the family. In fact, she recently released a music video with the rapper “Millionaire”, revealing his musical prowess.

Yes ok barbarella she steals attention for her themes, she also does it for her beauty. And it is that Babo’s daughter publishes photos or videos in sensual poses, enjoying the sea or sunbathing. But who is she? Here we tell you all the details.

Who Is Barbarela?

Barbara Dávalos, popularly known as Barbarela, is a Mexican hip-hop singer. She is the daughter of Babo, the famous rapper from Cartel de Santa, who is still very active in the music industry.

Barbarela was born on April 30, 1997 in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She is currently the young woman, she is 25 years old, measures 1.72 meters and is the sister of Babo’s son, Babillo.

There is no official information, but it is speculated that Bárbara Dávalos was born from Babo’s relationship with Mary Dee. However, others point out that the young woman would not be the rapper’s biological daughter, but that she only sponsored her to boost her career as a hip-hop singer.

Musical Career Of Barbarela

Barbarela began her career in the world of hip-hop in 2019, when she began by proposing fresh and hard lyrics. One of her first songs was “Te yuyeas”, a clear reference to the influencer Yuya.

He also released the song “Legaliguana”, alongside the rapper “Millionaire”, where he narrates his life in favor of consuming marijuana. Other songs of his are “Those who throw me away”, “Yolo prendo”, “Tabaco con hashís”, among others, which are very popular.

Since then, Barbarela has not stopped producing music to continue consolidating himself in the world of hip-hop. The young she has 112,000 subscribers on YouTube and 29,326 monthly listeners on Spotify.

She is very popular on social networks, Barbarela has more than a million followers on Instagram where she shows her lifestyle and her travels.

Personal Data Of Barbarela

  • Birth name: Barbara Davalos.
  • Place of birth: Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
  • Date of birth: April 30, 1997.
  • Age: 25 years.
  • Height: 1.72 meters.
  • Occupation: Rapper.

Barbarela’s Most Listened Tracks

According to the Sdpnoticias portal, Barbarela’s most listened to songs on YouTube and Spotify are the following:

  • I’m dying of love
  • you yuye
  • Those who throw me
  • I turn it on
  • God gave me
  • empowered
  • tobacco with hashish


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