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Who is Anna Paula, the doctor with whom Jorge Salinas would have been unfaithful to Elizabeth Alvarez

On January 17, TVNotas magazine stated that Jorge SalinasHe has been dating nutritionist Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo for more than a year. The publication released information and photographs that could jeopardize the 11 years of marriage between the Mexican actor and his wife.elizabeth alvarez.

Until now,mexican actorsThey have not confirmed or denied what was exposed by the TVNotas magazine. However, the one who did come out to speak to the media was Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo, the woman designated as the third in contention. Who is she and what did she say? Here we tell you.

Who Is Anna Paula Guerrero, The Woman With Whom Jorge Salinas Would Have A Romance?

According to TVNotas magazine, Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo is a Mexican nutritionist who would have an affair with Jorge Salinas. She has been pointed out as the third in contention between the soap opera actor and his wife Elizabeth Álvarez.

The magazine stated that Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo has worked for the last year with Jorge Salinas to help him achieve his ideal weight, since he has had health problems. The surgeon and the artist would have known each other since 2021.

“He turned out to be a surgeon, he met her in November 2021 and they currently continue to see each other continuously. Jorge has been leading a double life for almost a year; and apparently Elizabeth already began to suspect, because she suddenly came to visit him at the recordings , ”said TVNotas magazine.

The publication revealed that Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo is 24 years younger than Jorge Salinas. “At first they became very close friends, over time this friendship has become something more. He cheats on Elizabeth with this 30-year-old woman; she is 24 years younger than him ,” the post added.

What Did Anna Paula Guerrero, The Alleged Lover Of Jorge Salinas, Say?

In an exclusive exclusive interview for the program “Sit down who can”, Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo showed her face and assured that between her and Jorge Salinas there is only a purely professional relationship between doctor and patient.

“The relationship that I have had with Jorge (Salinas) has been completely professional, he sometimes does not have time to go to the office for his medications, personally I have been the one who delivers them outside the facilities, unfortunately there have not been more, sometimes they they make misunderstandings” , affirmed Ana Paula.

The nutritionist also revealed that the photographs in which she allegedly appears kissing the actor is a misunderstanding and denied a romance.

“That was at the end of last year, when I gave him the last medicine and we were just saying goodbye in a cordial way ,” said the doctor about the images.

Who Are The Elderly Twins Of Jorge Salinas?

Jorge Salinas ‘ eldest twin children were born in 2005 . Both men, who were called  Jorge  and  Santiago . They are currently 17 years old and live in Peru with their mother. The famous model shared some snapshots at the beginning of December 2022 showing  how her children look today and they surprised with the resemblance they have with her father.

Fatima uploaded to her Instagram account a couple of portraits with Jorge and Santiago, showing how much they have grown. And although Jorge and Santiago made the decision to stay away from the public eye, on social networks they have shown what their day to day is like.


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