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Where Was Vision Throughout Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity?

The Doctor Strange follow up provided a lot of amazing cameos, however fans are questioning the location to an essential character in Wanda’s story

Caution: This post consists of MAJOR SPOILERS for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse.Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Insanity Focuses primarily on Wanda’s story and sorrow, so you would believe that we would see a look from Vision, given that the sentient android is a big part of Wanda’s journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is certainly challenging to validate the lack from the precious android, however due to the multiverse being opened, there are a myriad of ways Visions lack can be discussed.

The most recent entry into the MCU sees Scarlet Witch trying to get the powers of a multiverse taking a trip superhero; America Chavez, so Wanda can take a trip to a universe where she can lastly be with her kids, Billy and Tommy. With Wanda browsing the Multiverse for her kids, why does not she likewise look for Vision? ​​​​


Why Didn’t Wanda Look For Vision?

Regarding why Wanda didn’t look for Vision in Multiverse of Insanity, it might merely be that the android is dead in every universe. Wanda might have currently browsed the multiverse for a universe where she had whatever she desired, a universe with the love of her life and her 2 kids. However, each time she looked, Scarlet Witch would constantly discover the very same outcome; another universe without Vision.

Scarlet Witch’s Atrocious Objectives

Scarlet Witch’s strategy was to reside in a universe with her 2 kids, Billy and Tommy. Nevertheless, in every universe with Billy and Tommy, there is a variation of herself, and Scarlet Witch has every intent of dealing with the Wanda because universe to lastly live gladly ever after with her young boys. This might describe why Wanda look for a universe without Vision, as Vision would have had the ability to inform it wasn’t the Wanda he understands and fell for.

Vision would have then attempted to stop Scarlet Witch, and our MCU’s Wanda would have needed to eliminate Vision for a 3rd time. At this moment, the occasions of Wandavision would have then felt irrelevant, as all the sorrow and loss Wanda handled in the program would have all come flooding back, and the development Wanda went through by handling the loss of Vision would have then felt irrelevant.

Where is Vision In Earth-838?

Throughout the 2nd act of the movie, Wanda takes control of a variation of herself through dream walking. Nevertheless, when she does so, there are no referrals or images of the android leading audiences to think that Vision from Earth-838 does not exist. If you have actually seen the movie, you understand that Earth-838 is where we satisfy the Illuminati, and the Illuminati members we see in the movie are necessary to describe that Vision does not exist. In the comics, the Illuminati includes characters such as Teacher X, Iron Male, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Strange. While we do see Teacher X, Black Bolt and Mister Fantastic in the movie, the secret company is missing out on an essential character to the production of Vision; Iron Male.

We are lead to think that Tony Stark does not exist in this universe either, with Stark not belonging to the Illuminati, however likewise that there is no referral to Iron Male ever existing because universe. In the MCU and the comics, Tony Stark is the factor regarding why Vision exists, due to the billionaire trying to develop a brand-new AI as part of a peacekeeping program called Ultron. Given that Tony didn’t develop Ultron, the wicked AI never ever tried to put his AI program into an android body, which would result in the production of Vision.

On Earth-838 fans have actually been thinking that it was in fact Reed Richards that developed the Ultron bots we see in the movie. Due to Richards being the most intelligent male alive, it is possible that he developed the Ultron program without the AI turning wicked and into the incredibly bad guy; Ultron. This would then describe why Vision does not exist in this universe. Nevertheless, with Vision not existing in this universe, numerous audiences would question how Billy and Tommy would still exist with Vision missing. Wanda might have summoned the precise very same spell she carried out in WandaVision and developed them herself, and we see that Earth-838’s Wanda still has magic, so it might be possible that Wanda conjured a spell to develop Billy and Tommy, which she not just performs in WandaVision, however in the comics also.

​​Where Was White Vision?

Regarding the location of White Vision, that is presently unidentified, White Vision might presently be throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however due to the occasions of WandaVision, and Vision handing down his memories to White Vision, it might be that White Vision is still dealing with an existential crisis and is still attempting to come to terms with the memories that Vision provided to him. We understand that Vision likewise handed down his love for Wanda to the white android, and it is possible he is still attempting to process the love he has for Scarlet Witch. Fans can anticipate to see White Vision appear once again in the future. Nevertheless, it is still presently unidentified regarding when we will see him next.


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