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Where Does Euphoria Take Place And Where is the HBO Max Series Filmed?

HBO Max’s hit drama Euphoria has actually been a hot topic in pop culture considering that it premiered back in 2019. After waiting almost three years for the much-anticipated follow up to the very successful very first period, fans were pleased to see Season 2 decrease on the streaming system in January 2022. Sustained by equally as much trauma, drama and medications as the first season, Euphoria’s student getaway did not let down.

With Emmy Award-winning Zendaya (Spider-Man: No Way Home) leading the collection as the troubled Rue Bennett in an additional sensational, award-worthy efficiency, Euphoria brought followers back to the imaginary town of East Highland for an additional tumultuous period. Euphoria is told with the eyes of Rue for the whole of the story, with Zendaya’s narrative dental filling in the voids in the plot not revealed onscreen.

Rue has had a struggling past, counting on the heavy use narcotics as a method to deal with her dad’s unexpected death. As a result of the fact she’s inebriated for a bulk of both seasons of the show, Rue is not necessarily the most dependable narrator, as her recollection of occasions may be manipulated due to her not remaining in the right mindset while certain major plots were taking place. This can additionally be applied to the actual setting of Euphoria, where Rue supplies minute, obscure details regarding her hometown, leaving customers to create the items on where exactly Euphoria occurs.

In Season 1, Rue points out that she matured with a “middle-class childhood years in an American suburban area,” though it’s clear that the location of this suburban area is somewhere in the a lot more backwoods of Los Angeles County. The majority of Euphoria is contended Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, and also it’s clear that for various other on-location shots, the cinematic group chosen to remain close to that geographical area, shooting parts of the collection in Burbank, Montclair and various other parts of Los Angeles. This is most likely to keep the locations all looking as smooth as possible along with saving spending plan expenses for shooting in numerous areas stretched across the country.

Several Euphoria followers have made their very own deductions of the show’s setting based upon the name of the senior high school every one of the young characters participate in. Though the scenes set inside the school were all shot at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Valley Glen, the school is called “East Highland High School” in Euphoria, leading many fans to think it’s called after the community in which the collection occurs. Film as well as tv fans may acknowledge Ulysses S. Grant High School from collection like MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot, Malcolm in the movie as well as the center Not Another Teen Movie.

East Highland is never formally spoken as the name of the community, it’s not that far of a jump to make, and also Euphoria maker Sam Levinson has neither confirmed nor refuted this theory– making it less of a concept as well as even more something that’s simply approved in the Euphoria canon. Is East Highland a real community in California? Short answer, no. Nonetheless, there is a city in San Bernadino County called Highland that is separated into two parts: Highland as well as East Highland, though one quick search on Google Maps discloses it’s even more desert terrain than anything– and most definitely not the exact same location where Euphoria occurs.

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