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What we suspected about Jenna Ortega’s fortune after Merlina is confirmed

Following the release of Tim Burton ‘s Merlin , Jenna Ortega has quickly catapulted herself into a household name. The actress plays the title character of the show, which follows Merlina Addams as she starts school at Nevermore Academy and sets out to solve a 25-year-old murder mystery involving her parents. In its premiere week, the series broke streaming records and became Netflix’s most-watched show ever. Jenna even nabbed two nominations at the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards. She earned a nomination for best actress in a television series, musical or comedy, while on Wednesday she earned a nomination for best television series, musical or comedy. Of course, that makes us wonderhow much money Jenna made from the series and how did that affect her overall net worth.

Unfortunately, the 20-year-old’s exact paycheck is unknown. But if you look at the starting salaries for actors on Netflix series like 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things, they range from $20,000 to $60,000 per episode , according to Deadline. Considering that Jenna Ortega was an established and relatively well-known actress when she debuted on Merlina and she was the lead actress in it, it’s likely that her starting salary would be on the higher end of that range.

Now, given the success of the first season of Merlina, Jenna Ortega (who, according to Celebrity Net Worth, has a current net worth of $3 million), is expected to see her salary increase. In later seasons, the stars of 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things began earning up to $200,000 and $300,000 per episode, respectively, so it’s not too far-fetched to say that Jenna Ortega could eventually earn as much if the series is renewed for a third season. .

The actress Jenna Ortega also increased her income on social networks

But let’s not forget: Jenna Ortega’s career began long before she played Merlina Addams . Her first role dates back to 2012, when she starred in an episode of CBS’s Rob. From there, she landed notable roles in projects like Annie in Insidious: Chapter 2, Harley Diaz in Disney’s Stuck in the Middle, Young Jane in The CW’s Jane the Virgin, Ellie Alves in Netflix’s You and Tara Carpenter in Scream. . Next, she reprises her role as Tara in 2023’s Scream VI.

Her social media presence also made headlines recently. Just 10 days after the release of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega gained a staggering 10 million new followers on Instagram . According to Pop Crave, the actress had 9.39 million followers on November 23, 2022, and by December 4, 2022, that number had risen to 20.02 million. At press time, her follower count has reached 31.5 million. So how could Jenna’s large social media following affect her net worth? Well, according to Netflix Life, she can reportedly earn over $78,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Since her follower count continues to rise, that pay is likely to rise as well.

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