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What to watch on HBO Max: New shows and Films in July 2022

Few streaming solutions are able to take on the star power of HBO Max. 2022 will certainly be a change of speed for the banner though, as day-and-date hit releases are now over. Obviously, there is still plenty to see on HBO Max, consisting of brand-new releases like Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, The Rehearsal, and Last Night in Soho.

What’s new on HBO Max in July 2022

Streaming July 1

A Kind of Murder, 2016 (HBO).
A Simple Plan, 1998 (HBO).
Act of Valor, 2012 (HBO).
Angels in the Outfield, 1951.
Arbitrage, 2012 (HBO).
Double-crossing for Beginners, 2018 (HBO).
Baggage Claim, 2013 (HBO).
Blanes Esquina Muller (AKA Blanes St and also Muller), 2020 (HBO).
Bringing Out the Dead, 1999 (HBO).
Capture a Fire, 2006 (HBO).
Code of Silence, 1985 (HBO).
Confidence, 2003 (HBO).
David Copperfield, 1935.
Doctor Who: Eve of Daleks, Special.
Frank Miller’s Sin City, 2005 (HBO) (Unrated Version).
Godzilla, 1998.
Farewell, Mr. Chips, 1969.
Hollow Man, 2000 (HBO) (Director’s Cut).
Exactly how to Screw It All Up (AKA Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda), Max Original Season 1 Premiere.
I Spy, 2002.
Indecent Proposal, 1993 (HBO).
Julia, 2009 (HBO).
La Ciudad De Las Fieras (AKA City of Wild Beasts), 2021 (HBO).
Last Night in Soho, 2021 (HBO).
Lisztomania, 1975.
Lone Survivor, 2013 (HBO).
Lord of War, 2005 (HBO).
Losing Isaiah, 1995 (HBO).
Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, 1968.
Mrs. Winterbourne, 1996.
One for the Money, 2012 (HBO).
Over the top, 1987 (HBO).
Pawn Sacrifice, 2014 (HBO).
Postcards From the Edge (1990 ).
Rio 2, 2014 (HBO).
Running Scared, 1986 (HBO).
Safe, 2012 (HBO).
She’s Having a Baby., 1988 (HBO).
Sleepers, 1996 (HBO).
Sleepless in Seattle, 1993.
Snow Day, 2000 (HBO).
Spy Kids, 2001.
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams, 2002.
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, 2003.
Suite Francaise, 2014 (HBO).
That Awkward Moment, 2014 (HBO).
The Bachelor and also the Bobby-Soxer, 1947.
The Con gets on, 2018 (HBO).
The Counselor, 2013 (HBO) (Extended Version).
The Great American Pastime, 1956.
The Heat, 2013 (HBO) (Extended Version).
The Impossible, 2012 (HBO).
The Legends of Zorro, 2005.
The Other Woman, 2014 (HBO).
The Plot Thickens, Season 3 Premiere.
The Raid 2, 2014.
The Satanic Rites of Dracula, 1974.
The World’s End, 2013 (HBO).
This is Elvis, 1981.
Thoroughbreds, 2017 (HBO).
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, 2012.
Warrior, 2011 (HBO).
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, 1993 (HBO).
Streaming July 2.
Prior to Midnight, 2022.
Walkway Stories, 1989.
Streaming July 7.
Miss S, Max Original Season 1 Premiere.
The Visitors, Max Original Season 1 Premiere.
Streaming July 9.
Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015.
Streaming July 10.
The Anarchists, Limited Documentary Series Premiere (HBO).
Streaming July 11.
Tuca & Bertie, Season 3 Premiere.
Streaming July 12.
Craig of the Creek, Season 4C Premiere.
Edge of the Earth, Sports Documentary Series Premiere (HBO).
The Bob’s Burgers Movie, 2022 (HBO).
Streaming July 14.
FBoy Island, Max Original Season 2 Premiere.
Elect Juan (Vota Juan), Season 1.
Elect Juan (Vamos Juan), Season 2.
Vote for Juan (Venga Juan), Max Original Season 3 Premiere.
Streaming July 15.
Martial Art, Season 2 Premiere.
The Rehearsal, Comedy Series Premiere (HBO).
Streaming July 16.
Godzilla, 2014 (HBO).
Streaming July 17.
Rat in the Kitchen, Season 1 Premiere.
Streaming July 19.
We Baby Bears, Season 1D Premiere.
Streaming July 21.
Nearly Fly, Max Original Season 1 Premiere.
Pacto Brutal– O Assassinato de Daniella Perex, Max Original Documentary Series.
Rap Sh!t, Max Original Season 1 Premiere.
The Last Movie Stars, Max Original 6-Part Documentary Premiere.
Streaming July 23.
Pedestrian, Season 2 Premiere.
Streaming July 26.
Insects Bunny Builders, Season 1A Premiere.
Streaming July 27.
We Met in Virtual Reality, Original Documentary Premiere (HBO).
Streaming July 28.
Citizen Ashe, Max Original Premiere.
Love Monster, Max Original Season 3 Premiere.
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Max Original Season 1 Premiere.
Wellington Paranormal, Season 4 Premiere.
Streaming July 29.
Superman & Lois, Season 2 Premiere.
The Milestone Generation, 2022.
Coming Soon.
Genndy Tartokovsky’s Primal, Season 2 Premiere.

Harley Quinn, Max Original Season 3 Premiere.

Nikki Glaser Comedy Special.

What’s leaving HBO Max in July 2022.

Leaving July 9.
Awful Bosses 2, 2014.
The New Mutants, 2020 (HBO).
Leaving July 11.
Black Mass, 2015.
Leaving July 13.
Blue Exorcist (Subtitled), 2016.
Leaving July 23.
Human Capital, 2020 (HBO).
Leaving July 26.
The Accountant, 2016.
This Is Life with Lisa Ling, 2014.
Leaving July 31.
2:22, 2017 (HBO).
10, 1979.
300, 2006.
A Bridge Too Far, 1977 (HBO).
American Gigolo, 1980 (HBO).
Austin Powers in Goldmember, 2002.
Baby Boom, 1987 (HBO).
Negative Milo!, 2013 (HBO).
Bad Words, 2014 (HBO).
Battle: Los Angeles.
Bells Are Ringing, 1960.
Black Gold, 1947.
Blinded by the Light, 2019.
Blue Streak, 1999.
Children’ Night Out, 1962.
Brewster McCloud, 1970.
Bridget Jones’s Baby, 2016.
Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001.
Broken English, 2007 (HBO).
Camelot, 1967.
Captains Courageous, 1937.
Carefree, 1938.
Casa de mi Padre, 2012 (HBO).
Changeling, 2008 (HBO).
Youngsters of the Damned, 1964.
City of Ghosts, 2013 (HBO).
Collateral, 2004 (HBO).
Collide, 2017 (HBO).
Business Business, 1991 (HBO).
Protecting Your Life, 1991 (HBO).
Adversary in a Blue Dress.
Clothed to Kill (HBO)( Extended Version).
Staff member of the Month, 2006 (HBO).
Epic, 2013 (HBO).
Taken off, 1996 (HBO).
Friday the 13th, 2009.
Woman Crazy, 1943.
Elegance Jones: Bloodlight as well as Bami, 2017.
Igor, 2008 (HBO).
Impressions, 1982.
In the Heat of the Night, 1967 (HBO).
Creation, 2010.
Jason’s Lyrics, 1994 (HBO).
Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 1988 (HBO).
Woman in White, 1988 (HBO).
Lars as well as the Real Girl, 2007 (HBO).
Regulations of Attraction, 2004 (HBO).
Lethal Weapon, 1987.
Lethal Weapon 2, 1989.
Lethal Weapon 3, 1992.
Lethal Weapon 4, 1998.
Little Shop of Horrors, 1986.
Logan’s Run, 1976.
Lotto Ticket, 2010 (HBO).
Magic Mike XXL, 2015 (HBO).
Monsters, 2010 (HBO).
Morocco, 1930.
Murphy’s Law, 1986 (HBO).
My Blue Heaven, 1990 (HBO).
My Dream is Yours, 1949.
No End in Sight, 2007 (HBO).
On Moonlight Bay, 1951.
Ondine, 2010 (HBO).
Providing Princess Shaw, 2016 (HBO).
Private Parts, 1997 (HBO).
PT 109, 1963.
Queen Christina, 1933.
Rob Roy, 1995 (HBO).
Romance on the High Seas, 1948.
Rush, 1991 (HBO).
Rush Hour 3, 2007.
Salt, 2010.
Santa’s Slay, 2005 (HBO).
Seneca, 2019 (HBO).
Sense as well as Sensibility, 1995.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 1954.
Shaft, 1971.
Shall We Dance, 1937.
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, 1949.
Program Boat, 1936.
Sleuth, 2007 (HBO).
So This Is Paris, 1926.
Unique Agent, 1935.
Splinter, 2008 (HBO).
Stage Fright, 1950.
Stepmom, 1998.
Summer of ’42, 1971.
Supernova, 2000 (HBO).
Sweet Bird of Youth, 1962.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 1949.
Tenet, 2020 (HBO).
The Accidental Spy, 2001 (HBO).
The Asphalt Jungle, 1950.
The Barkley of Broadway, 1949.
The Big House, 1930.
The Birdcage, 1996 (HBO).
The Dishwasher, 2019 (HBO).
The Exorcism of Emily Rose, 2005.
The Great Gatsby, 2013 (HBO).
The Green Hornet, 2011.
The Haunting, 1963.
The Hours, 2002 (HBO).
The Hunter, 2012 (HBO).
The Letter, 1940.
The Life Before Her Eyes, 2008 (HBO).
The Omega Man, 1971.
The One Below, 2016 (HBO).
The Opposite Sex, 1956.
The Out-of-Towners, 1999 (HBO).
The Personal History of David Copperfield, 2020 (HBO).
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948.
The Wedding Singer, 1998.
The Wings of Eagle, 1957.
The Woman, 1939.
Uncommon Valor, 1983 (HBO).
Opened, 2016 (HBO).
Victor/Victoria, 1982.
What They Had, 2018 (HBO).
Wild Wild West, 1999.
Winter season Meeting, 1948.
Without Love, 1945.
You’ve Got Mail, 1998.
Zathura: A Space Adventure, 2005.
That’s whatever coming and going on HBO Max in July 2022. Be sure to inspect back following month for more new movies and shows on the service.

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