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What Happened On “Bitter Earth” Wednesday: Hakan Rescues Kerem Ali, Yaman Mansion Locked Down, And More

“Bitter Land”is in its fourth season with the leading performances of Hilal Altınbilek, Ibrahim Celikkol, Furkan Palalı, among other actors, who have conquered the Antena 3 audience. Now, the Turkish drama is nearing its final stretch and shows us the moments more powerful and emotional.

In Tuesday’s chapter of “Bitter Land”, we have seen that Fikret paid ten million to Mujgan’s brother to give him custody of Kerem Ali and he can keep the little one. After this, we tell you what happened in the chapter of “Tierra amarga” broadcast on Wednesday, January 18 by Antena 3.

What Happened In The Chapter Of “Bitter Land” On Wednesday, January 18?

Hakan rescues Kerem Ali

Mujgan’s brother has kidnapped Kerem Ali and taken ten million euros. He and his men fled with the child, as they seek to ask Fikret for money for the ransom.

However, they did not count on the intervention of Hakan Gumuşoğlu. He cut them off before they fled through the airport. Hakan alerted the police and rescued Kerem. The young man then returned the child to Fikret.

Yaman mansion closed

Zuleyha has sold all her jewelry to prevent the Yaman mansion from being taken from her. The judicial police are going to repossess his house if he does not pay nine million before the agreed term and time is running out.

That is why Gaffur and another worker are in charge of taking everything to the jeweler, but the police arrive before. Unfortunately, Zuleyha’s insistence is useless, who removes all his belongings from the Yaman mansion.

Colak and Betul responsible for the theft of Zuleyha’s jewelry

Zuleyha was worried because Gaffur and another worker did not return from the jeweler. Fearing that something had happened to them, she went looking for them and found that all their jewelry had been stolen.

Gaffur and another worker from the Yaman mansion were gagged inside a car and had everything stolen by bandits. Behind the robbery were Betul and Colak. And they have also managed to be left without their home.

How To See “Tierra Amarga” Through Streaming?

In addition to the broadcasts on Antena 3, remember that you can enjoy “Tierra amarga” via streaming. For this, you only have to be subscribed to the ATRESplayer Premium platform.

As a user of the service, you will have access to the aired episodes of the TV series, exclusive previews and additional material from the famous Ottoman production.

Technical Sheet Of “Bitter Earth”

  • Original title: Bir Zamanlar Cukurovaaka
  • Release year: 2018
  • Country: Turkey
  • Directed by: Murat SaraCoglu, Faruk Teber, Evren Karabiyik
  • Screenplay: Yildiz TunC, Derem Ciray, Atilla Özel, Melis Veziroglu Yilmaz, AyCa Uzum
  • Music: Aytekin G. Atas
  • Cinematography: Sedat Yucel, Taylan Sancaktar
  • Production: Tims & B Productions


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