Spoiler Caution: Westworld Season 3

Lisa Happiness and Jonathan Nolan, the showrunners of Westworld, yet once again did an incredible task with the 3rd season of the seriously well-known HBO series. The finale episode was an action-packed, mind-blowing story that we still can’t overcome. With the Westworld season 4 best date simply a little over a month away, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see what takes place next. Much like the previous seasons, the 3rd season likewise ended on a significant cliffhanger, leaving audiences with more concerns than responses.

Nevertheless, the 3rd season was a bit various from the previous ones. We saw the story taking a big turn by moving the focus from Westworld to the real life. We saw Dolores and numerous other hosts attempting to penetrate human life to attain their various objectives, which we still aren’t clear about. We likewise saw the season presenting numerous brand-new characters along with numerous old ones most likely passing away.


However there are many concerns on our minds for the upcoming season. Let’s discover responses to a few of them.

What Will Take Place Now That the Host and Human Beings Are Free?

The phase is seemingly set for a brand-new world order in the alternate variation of our world on Westworld. It’s a high possibility that billions of people have actually determined that they were puppets to a very effective AI that entirely eliminated their free choice. We can anticipate federal governments to be toppled, cities continuing to get burned, and even hierarchies to be up-ended.

The brand-new season of Westworld will likely get political, with new factions and dogmas occurring from all of this reaction and revolt. We’re unsure how the hosts will manage all of this, however it will be fascinating to see it. Serac (Vincent Cassel) and his cronies knew this break out. Nevertheless, routine folks still don’t appear to be conscious that the hosts that managed them now wander amongst them. Rather definitely, this won’t continue for long. With Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) as the selected leader of people, Caleb (Aaron Paul) will certainly favor the hosts. However the concern emerges, will hosts and people have the ability to live along with each other on the exact same streets?

The Male in Black – Another Hale-Controlled host or a Copy of William?

In the stunning scene throughout the post-credits, we see the genuine William’s (Ed Harris) throat being slit by his own cybernetic doppelgänger. Hale’s program includes utilizing the Male in Black to set the hosts totally free. Nevertheless, what concerns our mind is who’s heading the robotic replacement of the previous Delos owner. Is this one yet another copy of the Dolores-Hale host set to bring the brand-new plan, or is this the evidence we were trying to find to understand that Delos’ immortality task really works?

Since the epilogue in the 2nd season, where we saw William carrying out a fidelity test with a host variation of his child, numerous audiences have actually been considering where his character will go through the exact same test Delos had actually stopped working to survive. In any case, we’re happy to see that there will be more Male in Black being available in the upcoming season.

Did Dolores Truly Die This Time?

Up until now, we have actually constantly seen that Dolores never ever really passes away. Back in the last season, in the seventh episode, all it took was 45 minutes for Caleb to search for an extra Dolores body in a lock-up nearby. However, naturally, we did see that her Pearl this time around was rubbed out entirely. With that, we can presume that the variation of Dolores we have actually understood up until now might be genuinely provided for. Unless a copy of it still exists in the Delos HQ someplace.

We understand up until now that some variation of Dolores still lives in the Charlotte Hale-shaped host. This is not the kick-butt, innovative Dolores we have a love-hate relationship with however a variation altering quickly and developing a brand-new mind and character.

What Is Bernard As much as?

The one concern that we certainly require a response to in the 4th season is just what was occurring with Bernard in the ending. The last we saw him was closed down inexplicably after he put the head system delegated him by Dolores. A little later, he was revealed entirely covered in dust in the precise position, which our company believe was a method to state that a long while had actually passed ever since. At this moment, we saw him awakening and looking more identified than in the past. Is this a contingency strategy that Dolores kept in location or another transfer to a much larger strategy?

The 4th season of Westworld is set to premiere on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Like the previous seasons, we will see every episode dropped on the network weekly up until August 14, 2022, when the season will conclude.