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Westworld: Let’s Speak About That Surprise Reappearance

This article has significant looters for Westworld Season 4.

Teddy is back. In the last couple of moments of the season 4 premiere of Westworld, the precious character turned unfortunate awesome, that died in Season 2, made his grand return in a romantic twist at the end of the episode– played, as ever before, by James Marsden.

Christina– the brand-new personality played by Evan Rachel Wood, that previously played Dolores– heads out to her balcony after a demanding collection of occasions, including going on an awful date, experiencing a self-destruction, as well as locating a surprising token from a home intruder. She simply understands that absolutely nothing makes feeling as well as she really feels a vacuum in her life. Christina is just certain of one point: “I desire a tale with a happy ending.”

Right after she says that, the electronic camera looks to disclose a guy enjoying her from the sidewalk, hiding behind the trees, flanked by the streetlight. It’s Teddy, handsomely gazing up at her as ball game swells. (It’s a string cover of “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, a selection so-on-the-nose that it’s amusing prior to it turns touching).

The episode– a streamlined, amusing slow-burn collection seven years after the events of period 3– upright that thrilling note, without responding to any type of genuine questions about Teddy’s return. Although the premiere did rush forecasts that Teddy was the secret guy Christina was seen going on a date with in a very early period 4 intro; that was simply some jerk Christina’s cheery flatmate, played by Ariana DeBose, set her up with as a scheme to make Christina a lot more social. And though Teddy is only really seen at the end of the episode, there is a moment previously in the premiere when it appears like he’s regarding to return. All episode long, Christina had actually been stalked by a distressed man named Peter (Aaron Stanford). 3 quarters of the way into the episode, he follows her residence one evening as well as strikes her. She fends him off awhile, up until a mystery man dives in as well as saves her, defeating Peter up. Yet prior to Christina can obtain a great take a look at him, both men vanish. It’s never ever confirmed, yet it sure feels like it might have been Teddy.

Thinking about Dolores published Teddy’s pearl (a.k.a. robot mind) to the Valley Beyond, Teddy’s return was a significant possibility at any kind of factor in the series. Beyond program reasoning, Teddy’s return was also verified when Marsden made a shock appearance at Westworld’s panel at the ATX Festival in June. He really did not state much regarding what his personality would certainly depend on, instead sharing vague discoveries about what will certainly occur in period 4 of the hit sci-fi series.

” The styles of discovering human urges of violence as well as things like that are going to proceed,” he stated, per Entertainment Weekly. “And this season maybe we discover what the globe appears like after Dolores established the people as well as the robots complimentary. Are they going to work together or are they mosting likely to vie for control? What takes place when they try control? Will the hosts acquire these advises of physical violence? Several of the basic points that we continue to check out on this program, and also certainly in period 4– we ask a great deal of those concerns. What happens following?”

So, what is following for Teddy? The last time we saw him in period 2, Dolores had set him to come to be a killer for the host disobedience. Eventually, Teddy could not take it any longer, killing himself to leave the physical violence. He does not appear in all in season 3. The season 4 premiere reintroduces him on a tender note, hinting that he and Christina will certainly come one-on-one even earlier than we think.

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