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Watch Chaka Chak Video Song From Atrangi Re | Dhanush | Sara Ali Khan




Chaka Chak Video Song Online (2021): Atrangi Re’s first single Chaka Chak song was released on November 29. It features Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar in major roles. Music director AR Rahman composed the song. While melody queen Shreya Ghosal gave the vocal to the track and the lyrics were penned by Irshad Kamil. Moreover, Vijay Ganguly does the choreograph. The audio right was bagged by T- Series. Atrangi Re movie will be released on December 24, 2021.


Actor Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan starter Atrangi Re movie songs released officially. Chaka Chak song went viral on all social media platforms. It is the latest chartbusters among the audio streaming platforms. Sara Ali Khan sizzles her dance performance in this song. It is to be noted that Dhanush’s Ranjhana album from AR Rahman’s musical enthralled the audience of Bollywood industry. The Tamil version of the Chaka Chak song will be released near future from Galatta Kalyanam movie.

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Chaka Chak Song Details

Album: Atrangi Re

Song: Chaka Chak

Genre: Celebration

Cast: Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan

Singer: Shreya Ghosal

Music: AR Rahman

Choreography: Vijay Ganguly

Available: T Series

Release Year: 2021

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10 things Guardians of the Galaxy does better than The Avengers




10 things Guardians of the Galaxy does better than The Avengers

As two of the MCU’s finest teams, the Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the Avengers are equivalent, but the former does several Things much better than the latter.

Two of the premier teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the titular groups of the Avengers films and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Often-compared, the 2 have a whole lot of distinctions: the Avengers are largely Earth-bound while the Guardians are a space-based group. Likewise, the Guardians fight alongside each other permanent while the Avengers collaborate throughout times of terrific crisis.

Both groups have an excellent record, as each play a major duty in saving fifty percent of all life in deep space and have a variety of significant victories under their belt. While each group have their very own strengths, there are a variety of Things the Guardians do better than the Avengers.

The Guardians Make Ridiculous Plans Work

As lighter as well as often-funnier movies than a lot of in the MCU, the Guardians of the Galaxy motion pictures feature the group scuffing with scenarios with either no plan whatsoever, or one that should have long shot of working. From breaking out of prison to eliminating against both Ego and Sovereign to delaying Ronan with a dance-off, the Guardians tend to prosper with pluck and also little else.

The Avengers, while far from the most effective coordinators worldwide, often tend to take things a little bit a lot more seriously. The difference is highlighted in Avengers: Infinity War. Tony Stark attempts to create a plan with members of both groups, as well as just receives boredom as well as uninterest from the Guardians that are present. The Guardians know that they can make ridiculous plans function.

Avoid Creating Their Own Foes

A point usually raised by fans of the MCU is that the Avengers usually conserve the world from the consequences of their own actions. Tony Stark has a direct hand in the presence of villains like Aldrich Killian, Adrian Toomes, and Ultron. Various other major hazards have come about from personalities like Peter Parker as well as Wanda Maximoff.

Surprisingly, the Guardians have remarkably clean hands in this area. They’ve all done awful things and have people who despise them a wonderful offer, no major villains have actually been produced by their activities.

Type Proper Emotional Ties With Each Other

In the very first Guardians of the Galaxy film, the team start as a team of competing opponents, each looking to fetch the orb containing the Power Stone for their very own reason. 2 and also Avengers: Infinity War, they’ve come to be very close.

The Avengers, by contrast, tend to have even more stretched connections. Unlike the Avengers, the Guardians are best defined as an unusual household.

Aid People All Across The Galaxy

Both in their really heroic acts and in their mercenary job, the Guardians travel all over known space. They’re not limited to any kind of one location; they do good on Xander, for the Sovereign individuals, as well as also on Earth in Avengers: Endgame. In between their lack of ties as well as their spaceship, they can travel anywhere they intend to fight evil and make money.

In contrast, the Avengers are a lot more minimal force. Outside of participants like Thor and connected heroes like Captain Marvel, they tend to stay on Earth to fight off dangers to the human race. The Avengers have as numerous great actions to their name as the Guardians, they are much a lot more minimal to one planet.

Each Fill A Variety Of Roles

As a smaller sized team, each Guardian participant tends to have a wide variety of skills they can make use of. They each have a number of roles they fulfill within the team, often clashing when they overlap.

As a larger team with better-defined private powers and abilities, the Avengers tend to be extra stiff in their abilities, specifically beyond solo films. The Hulk always shatters, Hawkeye shoots arrows, and Thor battles with his hammer and also with lightning. The only participant of the Guardians likewise restricted is Drax, who deals with most situations with melee fight.

Avoid Collateral Damage When They Fight

The amount of civilian casualties that adheres to the Avengers is also noted in-universe. Captain America: Civil War concentrates heavily on the consequences of the group saving the day in eruptive ways among heavily-populated areas. Through blunder, carelessness, or straightforward misfortune, the group have a high unintended death toll.

The Guardians, on the other hand, have a lot less of one. It may be best of luck, having their worst fights in locations with couple of private citizens, however they have a far lesser document of civilian casualties. Even when many pass away, such as in their battle with Ronan over Xandar, it’s due to the villain’s activities. In comparison, Steve Rogers brought down several helicarriers over Washington D.C.

Commit Crime With Ease

The Avengers are a collection of superheroes from a variety of backgrounds, boasting soldiers, scientists, pupils, and also former private citizens. Most of the Guardians of the Galaxy have one point alike: they were criminals before they signed up with the team. Quill, Gamora, Nebula, Rocket, Groot, and Drax all have abilities that fall under the regulation, which they make use of to their advantage a terrific many times.

The Avengers tend towards an extra rule-abiding bent. Although participants like Natasha Romanoff as well as Scott Lang can commit crimes with the best of them, the Guardians often tend to be far better at pickpocketing, smuggling, breaking in, bursting out, as well as various other criminal acts.

Fly Spaceships Capably

One easy to understand opening in much of the Avengers’ skillsets is flying spacecrafs. The majority of them are Earthbound with little need to enter into area. Just a few of the group can fly spacecraft with any type of proficiency, consisting of Thor. Also when tech-genius Tony Stark attempts to gear the Benatar in Endgame, Things fail for him very quickly.

The Guardians have so many competent pilots that they often argue over that gets to fly the ship. Quill and Rocket are most-often located at the controls, however Gamora, Nebula, Yondu, as well as Kraglin have actually all revealed themselves as capable.

Transform Their Former Enemies Into Allies

Of the Guardians’ line-up, much of them have been straight-out opponents prior to. Also in addition to the group’s preliminary conflicts with one another, their ranks flaunt present and also previous participants such as Nebula, Yondu, Kraglin, every one of whom were as soon as actively antagonistic to one or more participants of the group.

In general, the Guardians of the Galaxy are much better at overcoming their differences with others and working together. As a team, the Avengers have actually redeemed very few of their previous opponents and also functioned together with them. Scarlet Witch as well as Quicksilver serve as the premier instances.

Prevent Outright Civil Warfare

The Guardians of the Galaxy are much from an unified team. They aggravate each other often, started trying to outfight each other for the Orb, and have plenty of moments where they express disapproval for each other. Once they really agree to work as a group, nevertheless, they quit violence in between themselves.

The Avengers aren’t so pacifistic to each other. Both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War function substantial fights between team members as central minutes. Especially, the Avengers split themselves virtually perfectly down the middle to fight in a flight terminal in Germany in Civil War.

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Jon Snow & 9 Other Game Of Thrones Characters that Deserve Spin-Offs




Jon Snow & 9 Other Game Of Thrones Characters that Deserve Spin-Offs

Game of Thrones’ best stamina was its gifted cast as well as rich personalities. Jon Snow’s spin-off is validated however he’s not the only deserving personality,

With the news of Jon Snow’s spin-off from HBO’s memorable Games of Thrones, the initial series’ fans have high hopes. GoT birthed a host of intricate characters across its 8 periods, and also a number of its toughest characters can support their very own shows.

Based Upon George R.R. Martin’s fantasy collection, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Game of Thrones boasts the sort of world-building most legendaries can only desire for. Westeros and also GoT’s various other continents have never ever been totally discovered, as well as a number of the program’s personalities’ lives have actually likewise never been effectively mapped. From prequels to sequels, there are limitless possibilities waiting on fans of Martin’s globe.

Jon Snow Could Be The King Beyond The Wall

Confirmed by Martin under the functioning title Snow, this collection might conveniently use up from where Jon Snow’s tale left off. At the end of Game of Thrones, the Unsullied returned Jon to the Night’s Watch. At the time, this seemed like a kind of penalty for the means he killed Daenerys yet likewise felt hopeful as Jon rejoined with friends and his alarming wolf, Winter.

The Wall has actually dropped, so the Night’s Watch’s function isn’t clear at this phase. However, the Watch continues to be as a hazardous home divided. Jon is a birthed leader with numerous allies amongst the Watch and also the Wildlings. In the past, he declined any type of cases to power, but this could end up being a main problem as the series progresses. Besides, unlike the majority of nobles, Jon would certainly make a great king.

Gendry’s Story Was Abandoned In Game Of Thrones

Followers last saw Gendry in King’s Landing following the battle versus the Night King, living as Lord Gendry Baratheon. He exists to give guidance and vote on the brand-new king, yet the occasions following this are undefined.

Gendry is going far, as he has his papa’s name and the Stormlands. Arya left him behind in her look for adventure, yet their paths could cross once again in the future. Gendry is likely to take a wife as well as have a household, and his blacksmithing skills might play a part in proceeding his family members tradition of using up arms as well as going off to battle.

Oberyn Martell’s Pursuit Of The Mountain

Oberyn was a royal prince of residence Martell and his family members, Dornish nobility, are commonly forgotten in GoT. Rate of interest in Dorne as well as the Martells was ignited when Jaime and also Bronn went to the region in period 5, as well as they have an abundant background to check out.

Oberyn’s past features a lot of suffering as well as fatality, as he lost his sis and also her children. There is room for a tale below, concentrating on his cruel spirit as well as his search for the truth, which would eventually lead him to the Mountain Ser Gregor Clegane. Oberyn speaks of hearing reports regarding his sibling’s death, however he wouldn’t have actually approved this without verification, and a series might discover Oberyn’s quest for justice.

Sansa Stark Could Face Revolt

Sansa’s story inspires such sadness yet also hope. She experiences through the loss of her mom, daddy, 2 bros, and Theon; s fatality. Sansa withstands with willpower and toughness, gaining her very own throne in the ending.

Sansa is a solid Queen, as revealed by her rule in Jon’s stead, yet Queens face difficulty. By her very own admission, she is a slow-moving learner and slow learners in some cases figure things out when it’s too late. Rebellion versus the young Queen seems possible. She ‘d likely handle this really in different ways than her dad took care of comparable occasions, leaving area for domestic flashbacks in Sansa’s story.

Lord Varys And His Little Birds

Throughout the program, Varys holds his cards near to his upper body. He’s a secretive guy with an efficient spy network and also a particular hatred of sorcery. A spin-off can delight viewers’ inquisitiveness, grabbing threads as well as completing his very early life’s tale.

Varys was a young homeless child on the brink of fatality, with a stubborn spirit that enabled him to make it through. He created the ‘Little Birds,’ his network of murmurs. Nevertheless, individuals don’t like it when others recognize their secrets. Efforts on his life would have been likely and Varys would certainly need every ounce of shrewd to endure. In addition, Varys’ hatred for magic in any type of kind could lead him down some dark roads because he has the info as well as the methods to trigger death and distress.

Eddard Stark’s Struggle Between Bond And Blood

Ned only endures just Game of Thrones’s initial season and fulfills his end in the penultimate episode. Followers see parts of his past through Bran’s flashbacks, yet very little of his life past that.

This tale is still complete of unimaginable information that are worth diving into. Ned is a central character in this narrative, as Robert’s good friend yet Lyanna’s sibling, as well as the tale might explore his loyalties, failures, and also triumphs.

Aerys II Targaryen’s Early Rule

Aerys Targaryen’s policy of the Seven Kingdoms contributes in the future occasions depicted in Game of Thrones, but extremely little of his backstory is shared. Aerys’ reign on the Iron Throne began well, and visitors can easily draw parallels between his as well as Daenerys’ guideline prior to their damaging and also extreme descents right into violence.

The Targaryens’ destiny always entails fire and blood, and rather than the abrupt change Daeny showed, Aerys’ sluggish descent could be a main style in this series. He was an enchanting young man however quick to rage, and being a king often results in a demand for complete power, like Joffrey shown. Anger as well as snapping can leave kings with kingdoms that are ripe for revolt.

Melisandre Repeating History

The Red Priestess Melisandre is an elusive character. In spite of the considerable role she plays in many major story factors, like Stannis’ claim to the Iron Throne and also Jon’s rebirth, her backstory is largely incomplete.

Though she is in fact old, Melisandre puts on a locket that changes her into a younger version of herself. She lived a complete life before she joined the program’s personalities as well as she’s likely followed incorrect leads, like Stannis, before. Melisandre’s story can highlight either the depressing personal history that transformed her into the Red God’s slave or a spin-off might center around the damage this mysterious figure inflicted on others as she attempted to accomplish her confidence’s predictions.

Jaqen H’ghar Could Reveal His True Identity

Jaqen is another mystical character that followers don’t know much regarding. ‘Jaqen’ is a pen name, a fabricated identification, so also his name is an enigma. What is known is that he is one of the Faceless Men of Braavos, yet their order is quickly as elusive as this mysterious male.

Jaqen’s journey to becoming a Faceless Man likely echoes Arya’s. As his initial identification is unknown, Jaqen might easily be high-born, like Arya. The two established a bond of types, and also she grieves him when it looks like he’s finished his own life. Jaqen’s could obtain his very own spin-off, or his tale could be passed on as a part of Arya’s story.

Arya Stark Joins Yara Greyjoy

Arya goes on a long trip with Game of Thrones’ eight seasons. She begins as a lord’s child as well as finishes as a fierce assassin that eliminates the Night King and finishes the Great War. Arya after that cruises off to find whatever is west of Westeros, leaving followers wondering what comes next for the Stark household’s bravest participant.

Arya most likely locates colonies as well as brand-new people, where she can find out about new methods of being. She discovered points inside herself while educating with the Faceless Men. There’s even more territory inside Arya to check out. Or, in one more sort of exploration, she might easily sail past the Iron Islands as well as run into the like-minded Yara Greyjoy as a potential companion and opponent.

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10 Strongest Marvel Characters Hellboy Would defeat In A Fight




10 Strongest Marvel Characters Hellboy Would defeat In A Fight

The Marvel Universe has a lot of powerful heroes and villains, yet these bruisers wouldn’t stand possibility versus Hellboy.

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is among the most iconic independent comics. Neither Marvel nor DC-owned, Hellboy is just one of the few independent characters to have actually come to be a part of the popular culture vocabulary, being featured in numerous flicks as well as a critically-acclaimed cosmos of comics that has lasted for years.

An affable demon with a snarky perspective, followers have actually long been fascinated with Hellboy’s demeanor and layout. However, Hellboy’s standing as a Dark Horse hero implies he has actually had much of a chance to evaluate his mettle against Marvel’s mightiest. Still, there are plenty of characters who Hellboy would unquestionably beat.

The important things’s Rocky, Orange Hide Wouldn’t Protect Him

Ben Grimm and also Hellboy are similar in a lot of methods: each man has a large construct, acts as the bruiser of their team, as well as hides their inner unhappiness with a jolly if occasionally abrupt mindset. As the Thing, Ben Grimm possesses massive strength and also durability, things that have allowed him to conserve the universe many times over.

Like Grimm, Hellboy is also superhumanly strong and also long lasting. Nonetheless, if both were to satisfy in battle, Hellboy would certainly emerge the victor. Even though the Thing possesses higher stamina, Hellboy’s resolve, and his expertise of magic, would certainly strengthen his triumph.

The Human Torch’s Powers Would Have No Effect On Hellboy

Johnny Storm is just one of one of the most powerful characters in comics. His fire blasts can be equal to supernovas and, alongside his teammates, he has actually taken down risks like Galactus and Doctor Doom. Hellboy and also the Human Torch are both quippy pranksters whose firepower is absolutely vital to their teams’ success.

Johnny Storm would certainly make out no much better than his rock-skinned teammate in a fight against the Right Hand of Doom. This is because, depending on the interpretation, Hellboy is represented as resistant to all kinds of fire. Even at his best, the Human Torch could not singe Hellboy.

The Lizard’s Savagery Would Be His Undoing

Curt Connors is a Spider-Man villain that has been alternately represented as a tortured spirit as well as a lawless monster. His attempts to restore his missing out on arm resulted in his ferocious lizard persona, granting him strength, invulnerability, and a reptile type that chooses living flesh.

Like Connors, Hellboy deals with a malicious limb, in this situation, one that wants him to conquer the globe. Unlike the Lizard, Hellboy has the ability to grasp these prompts and also continue to fight for great. Hellboy’s restriction as well as ability to concentrate his dark side would certainly provide him the edge over the Lizard also in the most harsh of fights.

Elektra’s Weaponry Wouldn’t Pierce Hellboy’s Hide

Elektra Natchios is truly one of one of the most been afraid assassins in Marvel Comics: her martial expertise has actually enabled her to fight her means through many superheroes and also supervillains across the Marvel Universe. Both Hellboy and Elektra share that they are outsiders who are not constantly relied on by their colleagues.

Despite Elektra’s battle abilities, she would not be able to remove Hellboy. His satanic force physiology incorporated with his expertise in fight would ultimately provide him the triumph. Though Elektra is a superior competitor, Hellboy’s resistance to traditional weapons as well as recovery variable would enable him to survive enough time to land a finishing blow.

Risk-taker Couldn’t Beat A Real Devil

Another street-level hero, Daredevil is just one of Marvel’s most intricate characters, using his enhanced radar detects to shield the innocent throughout the New York area of Hell’s Kitchen. Hellboy and Daredevil are each thoroughly attached to the cosmology of his globe, as Daredevil’s Catholic faith figures heavily in his crime-fighting.

Still, Matt Murdock’s confidence would certainly not save him in a battle with Hellboy. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen would put up a good battle against the Great Beast, however Hellboy ultimately possesses the strength and also longevity needed to take Daredevil down.

Poison Would Get Smashed

An additional hulking antihero introduced in the ’90s, Venom is as much a Lethal Protector as Hellboy is. Throughout the years, Venom has utilized his tremendous mass, sharp claws, and symbiote tendrils to fight heroes like Spider-Man, in addition to fight together with heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Though Venom is as a lot a vital part of the heritage of the ’90s as Hellboy, it’s instantly clear who would win in a fight. Poison’s savagery as well as shrewd are matched by Hellboy’s demonic reactions and also BPRD training, while Hellboy’s devil clenched fist gives him the physical power he requires to defeat the symbiote in a fight.

Deadpool Has Nothing To Match The Right Hand Of Doom

Like Venom as well as Hellboy, Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth is an additional fundamental part of ’90s comics background. Deadpool’s repartees, tool competence, and also ability to simply maintain going after lots of punishment draw a strong parallel in between him as well as Hellboy.

In spite of their lots of similarities, Deadpool would not stand a chance versus Hellboy. Deadpool’s over-reliance on conventional weapons would be his undoing as, once he ran out of bullets, Deadpool would certainly have absolutely nothing to truly influence Hellboy. Hellboy would be able to stomp the Regeneratin’ Degenerate right into a simple victory.

Titan Wouldn’t Be The First Rasputin Hellboy Bested

As Hellboy is one of one of the most beloved independent comics heroes, Piotr Rasputin is among one of the most precious participants of the X-Men. Each softhearted bruiser has caught fans’ hearts via basic points, like their love of pancakes as well as paint. Each hero additionally boasts enormous stamina as well as resilience and also has actually compromised themselves for the better good.

Still, if push came to shove, Hellboy would beat Colossus in a quarrel. Titan needs to maintain concentration to keep his armored form, while Hellboy’s stamina is always there. The fight would be long, yet Hellboy’s stamina would certainly enable him to fight Colossus until the Russian came to be also fatigued.

Sabretooth Couldn’t Scratch Hellboy’s Surface

The man known as Victor Creed is a savage, mean killer without any repentance. The half-human, half-demon called Hellboy is a kind-hearted spirit who looks for to resolve his demonic heritage with his desire to do great. Reverse as these personalities are, the two would certainly have a ruthless battle.

At the end of that harsh fight, though, Hellboy would certainly stand the victor. Creed is a lethal combatant whose triumphes are many, but ultimately there is absolutely nothing in Sabretooth’s arsenal that Hellboy can not take. The two boxers have shared levels of stamina and also recovery, however Hellboy’s resilience would eventually win the day.

Ghost Rider Would Drown In His Own Fire

The power of the Ghost Rider has actually been held by lots of in the Marvel Universe, with Johnny Blaze as its most renowned wielder. Both Hellboy and Ghost Rider are heroes totally connected with and repelled by Hell, something that each character has a hard time to drink the impact of.

Though Johnny Blaze has efficiently combated the demons of Hell for years, he would fall before the may of Hellboy. As a being untouchable to hellfire and also as a King of Hell, Hellboy would certainly feel little of Ghost Rider’s power, utilizing his demonstrated capacity to battle satanic forces to ideal the Spirit of Vengeance.

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