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Was sexually abused as a child! Revealed by Kangana

Actress Kangana Ranaut reveals the bad experience she had as a child. The actress made the revelation on Ekta Kapoor’s reality TV show Lock Up.

During the interaction with the contestants, the actress revealed that she was sexually abused as a child. Kangana Ranaut said the incident took place in her hometown of Himachal Pradesh. Kangana Ranaut spoke about child sexual abuse, good touch and bad touch and how to teach them.

Kangana Ranaut said she had a similar experience when reality show contestant Munawar Farooqi revealed that she had been sexually abused by Lime when she was six years old.

Kangana Ranaut’s words …. “Munawar, many children go through this kind of abuse every year, but no one discusses it in public.

Many, including me, have experienced this. When I was very young, a boy a few years older than me would touch me inappropriately, but I had no idea then what that meant. No matter how much the family protects, every child goes through this.

The children are so young that they cannot be educated about it. You can not make them sexy or tell them the difference between good touch and bad touch.

This is the greatest danger in society. Children suffer a lot from this. This causes wounds and traumas in their lives. This causes problems in their later lives. Therefore, this platform is used to raise awareness about child abuse and sexual abuse. Munawar and I have faced it. “- Kangana Ranaut

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