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Warner Bros Officer Affirms Versus Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 Claims in Johnny Depp Trial

DC Movies primary Walter Hamada appeared through video at the Johnny Depp trial to reject Amber Heard’s claims about her Aquaman 2 function being decreased.

DC Movies manager Walter Hamada today took the stand through video link in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial to reject claims that Amber Heard’s function in the Aquaman franchise experienced her continuous legal problems with Johnny Depp. Asked numerous concerns relating to Heard’s agreements, choices, and scripted screen time in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Hamada consistently rejected that anything to do with Heard’s function in the movie had actually been affected by legal trials, online declarations, or anything else associating with Johnny Depp and all choices had actually been produced movie-associated factors.

After opening declarations clarifying the position of Hamada, and fundamentals around the movie, he was asked a series of concerns particularly about Heard’s function in Aquaman 2 and if it had actually ever been affected by her problems with Johnny Depp. The resulting discussion went like this:


Q. Did Warner Bros. at any moment lower Miss Heard’s function in Aquaman 2?

A. The size of the function in the movie she has actually was identified in the early advancement of the script which would have taken place around 2018. From there, beyond typical advancement the function sort of the character’s participation in the story was what it was from the start.

Q. Was her function ever decreased for any factor?

A. Again from the early phases of advancement of the script,the movie was constructed around the character of Arthur and the character of Orm, Arthur being Jason Momoa and Orm being Patrick Wilson. So they were constantly the 2 co-leads of the movie.

Q. Did Warner Bros. ever prepare to represent Miss Heard as the co-lead in Aquaman 2?

A. No since the movie was constantly pitched as a friend funny in between Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson


After developing that Heard was spent for both her functions in Aquaman and its follow up, Hamada was asked whether her settlement for Aquaman 2 remained in any method impacted by anything that had actually been stated by Johnny Depp, Adam Waldman, or by anybody representing Johnny Depp. To all 3, Hamada responded no.

Aquaman Delays Were Down to Warner Bros. Thinking About Modifying to Navigate ‘Chemistry Issues’

In spite of Amber Heard often affirming that her function in Aquaman was one she needed to combat to keep, with her problems with Depp and especially the social networks projects by Depp fans requiring she be gotten rid of from the function, Hamada rejected that this was ever the case. Rather, he stated that there had actually been a number of weeks’ hold-up on the movie due to worry about the chemistry in between Heard and Jason Momoa.

This was highlighted throughout interrogation of Hamada by Heard’s legal group, when Hamada stated that post-production was accountable for making the relationship in between the set deal with screen for the very first Aquaman movie, however it had actually been “a lot of work.” While validating that it is the task of post-production editors to put scenes together in a manner that works, he stated, “they put performances together and sometimes it is easier than others, but this time it was more difficult because of the lack of chemistry between the two.” This had actually then been the basis for Warner Bros. thinking about a various starlet possibly handling the function rather of Heard.

The trial continues into its last days prior to closing declarations on Friday.

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