Motivated by the Watergate scandal that required Richard Nixon to resign from office, 18½ follows Connie, a White Home transcriber who gets an unique 18 and a half minutes of never ever prior to heard Nixon tapes. With the intent to leakage them to the general public, she contacts Paul, a Times press reporter, and together, they look for a safe location where they can listen to them. In spite of their excellent intents, they face lots of interruptions and issues consisting of technical ones, a hippy cult, and swingers.

Willa Fitzgerald and John Magaro star in18½. Completing the cast is Gina Kreiezemer, Marija Juliette Abney, Vondie Curtis-Hall, and Richard Kind. It’s directed by Dan Mirvish, co-founder of the Slamdance Movie Celebration, who co-wrote the script with Daniel Moya.


It’s set to release on Might 27, however prior to that, Kind and Mirvish signed up with Movieweb to talk about the movie.

Richard Kind in 18½

Kind is identifiable for a long list of shows and movies, from Suppress Your Interest to Inside Out. He plays Jack in 18½, a staff member with an eye spot at the motel which Connie and Paul choose is a safe area for listening to the Nixon tapes. “The motel was spectacular. It was great. It had this real throwback to the ’70s look with neon signs, and the rooms were so unusual. It’s a beautiful location right on the water. The role… it lent itself to the weirdness that the movie is, and what really does it is the eye patch. There’s no explanation why I wear it, but it makes you want to know how I got it, what makes me want to wear it — who knows? And it’s that weirdness that I think is really good in the movie.” Stated Kind.

The eye spot likewise assists draw out comical aspects in the script, as Jack jokes about a football video game that was such a nail-biter that he needed to watch with one eye closed. “I think that lends itself to the character in that I am not necessarily a hippie, but I’m a free spirit. And things don’t bother me.” Included Kind.

Kind likewise discussed dealing with Mirvish, remembering the experience to be beautiful. “He’s a lovely guy. I admire his moxie in the business… I did a movie for him before that is intelligent and fun, and smart… he’s passionate… he aims for a good artistic success, of which I think 18½ does.”

Dan Mirvish on 18½

“The whole thing started because the last day of my last film, Bernard and Huey, was during the 2016 election in November. And that next day, I was going to see Jules Feiffer… and inevitably we started talking about the election and Trump. And Feiffer has won a Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning… most notably about Nixon and the Watergate. And so that conversation inevitably went to talking about Nixon and Watergate.” Explained Mirvish.

“I then took a ferry and saw this great motel, the Silver Sands Motel,” he continued, remembering how his buddy Terry had actually acquired it from his grandparents. “He’d been running it for about a decade, and he said, ‘We do a ton of fashion shoots, but we’ve never shot a feature film here. We’re closed in the winter, so cast and crew can stay here.’… it’s like, ‘Ah! This is my time to do a Watergate film.’”

With the area and basic concept set, Mirvish then began doing more research study to determine precisely what angle he wished to take. While this was occurring, his co-writer, Moya, was doing initial research study as he was more fresh to the scandal itself. “We discovered that in the Nixon White House, there were several offices that had the voice-activated taping system… and that there really are tapes of Nixon listening to his own tape recorder in one of those rooms, and fumbling with the buttons and kind of pushing them around. And so once I realized that there could plausibly be a tape of a tape, of somebody listening to, and the deleting the gap, all of a sudden, that opened up the world of possibilities… It could be a transcriber in the White House, and then she could be going to the motel to leak the tapes to a reporter.”

While doing this research study and writing, Mirvish kept in mind that he pictured Kind to play Jack. “He had been in my last film, Bernard and Huey, and so we had him in mind when writing the script as the voice of Jack, not knowing for sure that we would get him… Coincidentally, his schedule worked out really nicely with ours… It fit him like a glove.”

After its preliminary release, 18½ will appear in July on VOD and Blu-ray.