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Top 10 Toy Story 3 Characters: Know Everything About The Toy Story and The Best Ranked Characters Here

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is a 2010 American 3-D computer-animated adventure comedy-drama film released by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. On June 18, 2010, the film was released in theatres as the second sequel to Toy Story, the sequel to Toy Story 2, and Pixar’s 11th production.

Top 10 Toy Story 3 Characters

Not only Woody and Buzz there are many other promising and people’s favourite characters present  in the movie Toy Story. Check out the Top 10 ranked Toy Story 3 Characters here!

#1 Woody

Ofcourse! Who else except everyone’s favourite cowboy, Woody, could take the top place? No one can replace the top No.1 place in the characters list of Toy story other than Woody. As we all know, Woody is THE BEST and most lovable character in Toy Story. Woody is an icon of not only his franchise or Pixar, but of animation itself. He is the protagonist and emotional centre of all the Toy Story films.In every rendition so far, Tom Hanks has brought Woody to life, and it remains one of his best portrayals to date.

Woody evokes a strong emotional response in every viewer of his films. Almost everyone had a favourite toy that meant everything to them. This underlying fundamental link between children and their stuff is portrayed by Woody.As a result, we care about Woody more than anyone else in these movies. It’s the real-world suggestion that our most treasured childhood possessions may be just as concerned about us as we are about them.Woody is Our best buddy.

#2 Buzz Lightyear

None other than our co-hero, Buzz Lightyear! It was a razor-thin margin, but Buzz missed out on the top spot by a hair. The fact that Buzz is one of the co-leads in these films obviously helps, but the character’s path and popularity alone merits him a position in the top two.

Since 1996, Tim Allen has played the part, and no one else could possibly fill his shoes. Buzz’s arc in the first picture, as amusing as it was, was extremely relatable, if not heartbreaking. That first film was tied together by his journey.Even if you exclude the legendary voice work and character development, Buzz’s tagline “To Infinity and Beyond” is one of the most unforgettable movie quotations ever. If it weren’t for a specific sheriff, Buzz would have made it to the top.

#3 Mr. Potato Head

When it comes to excellent actor-character pairings, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head comes to mind right away. Don Rickles, the late comedian and voice actor, was a legend. Mr. Potato Head as a character and the entire Toy Story franchise benefited greatly from his humorous instincts.

Mr. Potato Head is the most recognisable toy in the brand when it comes to identifiable toys. Despite this, the character’s iconography outstripped that of his real-life counterpart. Mr. Potato Head has had more hilarious moments in this series than any other character. Mr. Potato Head is one of the best, from his secret mission as a tortilla to his angry eyes.

#4 Jessie

Joan Cusack’s cowgirl voice as Jessie,What’s not to like about that? Even though Jessie didn’t join the cast until Toy Story 2, the audience felt as if she had been there the entire time. Jessie has proven to be one of Pixar’s most popular characters.

The majority of these characters are only supporting characters, however Jessie’s arc is emotional and lovely. Nothing in Toy Story 2 is more heartbreaking than the “When Somebody Loved Me” moment. This scene, like the opening sequence in Up, delivered an entire and heartbreaking tale in just a few minutes. Jessie may have come from a difficult background, but with love and trust, she has grown into a fully formed person.

#5 Rex

Rex, the anxious dinosaur, is more relatable to millennials than anyone else. Rex, like the majority of the people on this list, has been around since the beginning. This little green beauty provides the ideal counterpoint to Woody and the gang’s plans and intentions. His anxious nature, like C3-PO’s, adds to his allure.

With an actor like Wallace Shawn behind the microphone, it’s no surprise that his performance works so effectively. Any other performer would be impossible to picture in the part of Rex. Despite the fact that he is seldom the center of attraction, he must appear in every film.

#6 Bullseye

Although Slinky is a dog, no toy in the group feels more like a pet than Woody’s beloved steed Bullseye. When Woody encountered Bullseye at Al’s apartment in Toy Story 2, he made his debut. Bullseye is incredibly loving and shows unconditional love for his entire toy family.

Bullseye says enough with his emotions, despite the fact that he doesn’t speak a word. The animators must be credited for this achievement. The voice acting for all of these characters is obviously excellent, but the fact that audiences believe in the feelings of a CGI toy horse says it all.

#7 Hamm

Although Hamm is not a toy, he is an amusing member of the Toy family.Hamm was nothing more than a piggy bank. Hamm’s existence, like Forky’s in Toy Story 4, merely goes to prove that children’s imaginations can make anything into a toy!

Hamm is one of the film’s funniest characters. The older you become, the more you appreciate his ability to always come up with a witty remark. John Ratzenberger, a Pixar veteran who has participated in every Pixar film to date, also lends his voice to Hamm. Hamm, who has been a fan favourite since he was a toddler, is ranked seventh.

#8 Slinky Dog

Dogs are not only man’s greatest buddy, but they are also toy sheriffs’ best buddies. Slinky is one of the most well-known toys in the collection. At Disneyworld, they don’t just turn any toy into a ride!

Slinky has been one of the most devoted characters throughout the series. Slinky is the best companion anyone could ask for, as he is always dependable and devoted to Woody. Before his death in 2000, Ernest himself, Jim Varney, voiced Slinky for the first time. Slinky maintained Pixar’s history of superb voice casting and the creation of cute characters.

#9 Bo Peep

Bo Peep was never the centre of attention in the previous films, so her prominent presence in Toy Story 4 is all the more intriguing. Bo Peep remained the voice of reason throughout it all, while Woody and Buzz made the final decisions.

Bo Peep’s crisp attitude makes her instantly likeable and accessible. He made her more trusting of a buddy than virtually any other toy in Andy’s room because of his constant jokes and strong moral foundation. Bo Peep was also the lone female representative in the boys club that constituted the first picture before Jessie came along.Despite her tiny involvement in previous films, her legacy is expected to grow with the next sequel. In addition, having Annie Potts voice any character automatically earns them a thumbs up.

#10 The Aliens

Cute creatures were used sparingly in animated films to keep people entertained. That’s how the Aliens in the Toy Story were created.These green aliens initially appeared in all three Toy Story films, when Buzz and Woody are locked in the Pizza Planet claw machine.

Nothing was more wonderful than saving our heroes from “The Claw!” in Toy Story 3, and we wouldn’t have had a happy ending if it hadn’t been for them. The Aliens are the small green men with a limited vocabulary, but their effect is clear. Their design became iconic, and it has yet to be outdone.

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Top 10 Toy Story 3 Characters: FAQs

1. What is Toy Story 3?

Toy Story 3 is a 2010 American 3-D computer-animated adventure comedy-drama film.

2. who released Toy Story 3?

Toy Story 3 was released by Walt Disney Pictures.

3. Who produced  Toy Story 3?

Toy Story 3 was produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

4. When was Toy Story 3 released?

On June 18, 2010, the film,Toy Story 3 was released in theatres.

5. Which character of Toy Story is at the first place?

Woody,The Cowboy is at the first place.

6. Which character of Toy Story is at the fifth place?

Rex, the Dinosaur is at the fifth place. 

7. Who gave voice for character Jessie in Toy Story 3?

Joan Cusack made dubbing for the character Jessie in Toy Story 3.

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