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Top 10 Things Fairy Tail Ripped Off From Other Anime

There are many anime tropes, story devices, as well as intimations in Fairy Tail. How much has it tore off from various other anime?

Fairy Tail may have finished, however fans are no much less in love with the franchise business. This popular Shonen collection adheres to Natsu Dragneel and also his mission to find out what occurred to his dragon guardian, Igneel. While this show appreciated extraordinary success, it had a couple of blazing issues that several followers couldn’t aid however feel recognized.

Many Shonen anime utilize the exact same tropes, plot lines, and character archetypes, but they do so because these devices work. Still, this suggests some anime seem like copies of others. From talking pet sidekicks like Happy to follower service characters such as Gray Fullbuster and also Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail has minutes when it feels like a rip-off of other anime.

Talking Animal Companions Are A Dime A Dozen

Happy is a pet partner who always does the job, but he is not an unique figure in anime. Followers can discover animal friends throughout all anime categories, from Sailor Moon’s Luna to Cowboy Bebop’s Ein.

Followers are usually material with the enhancement of the pet partner, as they often give wholesome comic alleviation, presentation, and also much-needed assistance. They are so usual that they really feel like rip-offs of one an additional. In Fairy Tail’s situation, Happy advises followers way too much of various other enchanting talking felines like Luna.

Follower Service Is Rampant In Anime

Fan service is just one of the most awful anime tropes followers want to see much less. Numerous anime consist of at least one follower service personality, and also Fairy Tail is notorious for having 2: Gray Fullbuster and also Lucy Heartfilia.

Characters like Lucy Heartfilia are similar to other Shonen fan-service figures like One Piece’s Nami or Code Geass’ Kallen Stadtfeld. Fairy Tail doesn’t also take new strategies to the saying. Lucy is placed in suggestive situations or drawn wearing disclosing attire frequently, as well as Gray is a serial nudist.

Loud And Brash Protagonists Are A Common Character Trope

Shonen lead characters often share similar aesthetics: their brashness, unwillingness, and also loudness to quit. Sadly, this archetype is just one of lots of tired anime personality tropes, even if it is a pleasant one.

From Naruto’s title personality to Black Clover’s Asta, there are too many spiky-haired Shonen lead characters. All are infamous for frequently yelling, running head-first right into battle, as well as being too stubborn to back down. Customers aren’t as well mad at this trope, despite its overuse, due to the fact that it is a pleasurable one that pushes the plot. However, it is routine and still predictable.

Event Arcs Are In Every Shonen Anime

Every good Shonen anime has an event arc. In Naruto, followers obtained the Chunin Exams arc, and also My Hero Academia had the sporting activities festival. Fairy Tail has one, too, though it shows up later on in the collection.

There were many excellent moments in Fairy Tail’s Grand Magic Games, as the arc had a mix of wit, suspense, as well as dynamic battling. However, it seems like a rip-off of every other popular Shonen collection. Nevertheless, tournament arcs are a few of the most anticipated storylines, which is why they are so prominent.

Found Family Is A Theme In Frequent Use

Due to the fact that everybody treats each various other like family members, fairy Tail is the greatest guild. There are many anime that emphasize discovered family members as a source of motivation. One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy and also the Straw Hats are a famous circumstances of this motif, as well as Naruto’s Team Seven is an additional.

Audiences connect as well as connect to the discovered family members theme. So, while it might seem like a rip-off of standard Shonen anime, it is a preferred that will not be going away quickly.

The Elemental Magic Power System Is Nothing New

Fans can trace the elemental magic system to the beginning of anime. Like Natsu, many personalities from Magic Knights Rayearth’s Hikaru to Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Zuko usage fire-based powers.

Reveals draw important magic systems from the environment as well as real-life spiritual methods. So, it is not unusual that they would include in numerous anime. It does feel overdone on celebration. The important magic system in Fairy Tail is clearly similar to shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, as well as One Piece.

Slapstick Humor Is Another Shonen Trope

Among the most awful aspects of Shonen anime is its continuous reliance on crude or slapstick humor, another popular source of comic relief. While placing personalities suffering for affordable laughs is not naturally bad, it is juvenile, predictable, and average. Fairy Tail includes much of these moments, usually when Happy as well as Natsu enter trouble.

Furthermore, anime typically include joke characters or groups who the slap-stick wit targets. For Fairy Tail, it’s the Jiggle Butt Gang, which really feels strangely similar to Dragon Ball’ sPilaf Gang or Pokémon’s Team Rocket.

The Mage Ranking System Is Too Familiar

The strongest Fairy Tail personalities usually pass the S-Tier rank. Shonen anime frequently ranks its bad guys and also heroes, and also there are a few ways to do this, however a typical approach is the letter ranking system (with S tier being the top as well as D or F being all-time low).

Fairy Tail rates its mages in this manner, with characters like GIldarts Clive, Mystogan, as well as Erza Scarlet being S rank. Naruto classifies objectives similarly, where Genin (the lowest-ranked shinobi) handle D and C degree jobs, and Jonin (the highest rank) tackle An and S responsibilities. Other ranking systems exist, such as Jujutsu Kaisen’ scursed spirit ranks, which utilize numbers, yet the letter pecking order is a criterion.

Erza’s Transformation Sequences Feel Inspired By Magical Girls

Erza Scarlet is one of the greatest characters by Fairy Tail’s end, and also her powers enable her to keep thousands of shield as well as weapon combinations in an extradimensional space. She can equip any type of number of her equipment promptly throughout her fights.

When she does this, she goes through an improvement series, which feels like a rip-off of magical girl anime. Sailor Moon is likely one of the most well-known enchanting girl anime that utilizes the improvement scene. Erza’s armor-changing montages appear like a direct rip-off of Usagi Tsukino’s wonderful outfit modifications.

Alternate Timeline Arcs Are Overdone

Alternate-timeline or dimension plots are not just regular in anime but also across categories and mediums. One of the most renowned non-anime examples are the many DC and Marvel comics, motion pictures, and also TV programs including this trope.

In enhancement, plenty of anime usage this trope. Fairy Tail’s alternative timeline arc is dystopian, an additional well-worn anime style.

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