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Top 10 Anime Characters Who Have Blood Type O

Western anime followers commonly ask yourself why a character’s blood kind is almost always included in their manga accounts. In Japan, people use blood types as a compatibility test, similar to exactly how Westerners make use of astrology or Myers-Briggs Types.

If somebody has blood type O, for instance, they have excellent intuition and a cheerful personality that makes it simple for others to like them. In anime, numerous characters with blood type O are the protagonists of their series.

Akiko Yosano Is A Hard Worker Who Enjoys The Morbid Side Of Life

Akiko from Bungou Stray Dogs is the physician for the Armed Detective Agency. Her capacity, Thou Shalt Not Die, allows her to heal people near death.

Akiko likewise delights in indulging in the somber side of life. One of her pastimes is dismembering her clients with an eerily carefree smile before using her power to recover them.

Taro Kabakura Always Sees The Bright Side

Taro from Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku takes his task seriously, however that does not suggest he can’t have a common sense of wit. He always seeks the bright side of points as well as makes a joke out of every situation. Some state he appears intimidating at first due to his piercing eyes.

Taro is dating Hanako, and though they quarrel a whole lot in public, they enjoy each other. Absolutely nothing can tear them apart. Taro is likewise an otaku whose favorite type of anime focuses on cute ladies doing adorable points.

Haruhi Fujioka Is A Natural Charmer

Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club has a pretty unsociable, uncomplicated individuality. She doesn’t see the factor in beating around the bush, so she tends to be extremely sincere. Though she’s an organic female, she believes that sex is irrelevant and also does not have a problem with clothing androgynously or even more masculinely.

After signing up with the Host Club, customers as well as the other participants fell for her because she has a natural method of enchanting people by being her authentic self. Haruhi tends to be the voice of factor amid the club’s shenanigans.

Armin Arlert Is Always Curious

Attack On Titan’s Armin Arlert has constantly been curious regarding life outside the wall surfaces. Despite the fact that he was ridiculed by every person else for his passion in it, he always remained optimistic that day, he would discover the land outside the wall surfaces with his friends.

Armin was shy and also insecure after signing up with the Survey Corps, he proved himself an important member. He’s a specialist strategist and also takes satisfaction in having the ability to help others with his analytical skills. Armin is selfless and wouldn’t think twice to lay his life on the line for his sidekicks.

Spike Spiegel Is Laidback & Street-Smart

Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel is a street-smart badass, regardless of his lazy reputation. He’s one of anime’s finest gunslingers as well as has actually proven himself a trustworthy bounty hunter. He has a laidback, go-with-the-flow way of thinking, and it’s difficult to faze him. He frequently remembers his past as well as locates it tough to allow points go.

In spite of Spike’s detachment from others, slothful habits, as well as consistent whining, Spike’s obtained a heart of gold and is totally committed to the reason. He’s the type to provide a helping hand and not anticipate anything in return for his kind deed.

Tohru Honda Is Optimistic & Loves Unconditionally

Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket is among one of the most charming shojo protagonists. It’s tough to dislike her. She’s hopeful as well as cheerful, and quickly lifts the spirits of everybody around her. She has a healing individuality as well as constantly recognizes the appropriate point to state.

Tohru likes others unconditionally and selects to see the very best facets of somebody’s character rather than the worst. Tohru lost both of her moms and dads and also had to live in a camping tent for a while. She constantly shares gratitude for also receiving the bare minimum and never takes anything for provided.

Atsushi Murasakibara Has A Childish Attitude & Major Sweet Tooth

Atsushi Murasakibara from Kuroko’s Basketball is amongst anime’s laziest characters. He’s likewise always seen bring bags of sugary foods and also eating all the time.

Because he’s good at it, Murasakibara asserts that he hates basketball and also only plays. By extension, he detests people that play passionately. The truth is that Murasakibara pretends to be unfazed by the sport because he knows that if he were to go all-out, he ‘d risk injuring someone.

Usagi Is Friendly & In Touch With Her Emotions

Though some criticize Usagi for being way too much of a crybaby, it’s admirable that she’s so in touch with her emotions. Throughout Sailor Moon, Usagi has confirmed that she’s so much greater than just a whiny, ignorant teen.

Usagi constantly sees the very best in others and can befriend people from all profession. She’s also attempted to come to be friends with her opponents and chat them below making devastating mistakes. Plus, Usagi is constantly optimistic and also never gives up on something once she begins. She might be an infamously terrible chef, yet that’s never quit her from returning to the kitchen to try once again.

Kakashi Hatake Is Perceptive & Aloof

Kakashi is the Copy Cat ninja in Naruto. He was Team 7’s coach for many years and also instantaneously came to be a fan-favorite character thanks to his amazing aesthetic as well as unconcerned character.

Though Kakashi acts constantly bored and never ever falls short to arrive fashionably late, Kakashi is much more intuitive and observant than he lets on. He’s exceptionally sensible and has a knack for checking out the room. Though he does not need anyone to back him up, Kakashi understands the worth of teamwork as well as attempts his best to present this expertise to Team 7.

Izuku Forged His Own Path Toward Heroism

He went through strenuous training, even breaking his limbs repeatedly to master the quirk. When he thought he got the hang of it, he discovered that he had six more potential powers bubbling under the surface.

Izuku’s story is encouraging. He created his own path towards heroism as well as never forgot why he started. In spite of undergoing several trials as well as tribulations, Izuku remained a kind-hearted individual who constantly saves individuals with a smile.

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