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TOP 10 Anime Characters Who Are Total Slobs

While many anime personalities are tidy and rather neat, not all of them are business masters. Some of them are complete and also total slobs.

Anime characters are available in all shapes and sizes, as well as personalities. They have lots of quirks that make them special, though some traits are a lot more mistaken than others. While most anime characters are tidy and also relatively neat, not all of them are masters of organizing. Actually, some of them are complete as well as full slobs. They leave their rooms in complete turmoil, refuse to clean, and even have some pretty unpleasant behaviors that make their peers and friends wince.

In some cases, a sloppy personality is charming or funny, their quirks gaining them a place amongst the fan faves. Other times, these personalities are nothing brief of annoying for other characters and the target market alike. Nevertheless, these anime slobs are famously chaotic and are unapologetically themselves.

L’s Messy & Disheveled Appearance Contrasts His Genius Detective Skills (Death Note).

L isn’t precisely a slob, however it’s very easy to make that assumption when first satisfying him. No matter the event, L is always disheveled and neglected, with untidy hair and baggy clothes.

Paired with his unusual peculiarities as well as stooped posture, he certainly comes off as sloppy and messy. Because he absolutely does not look the part, it’s almost hard to think that he’s such an unbelievable investigator.

When She’s Not At School (Himouto, Umaru Leads The Life Of A Lazy Otaku! Umaru-Chan).

Himouto! Umaru-chan is the story of Umaru Doma, an adorable high school girl that leads 2 entirely various lives. By day, she’s the perfect student: quite, preferred, and also loved by her classmates. However, when school’s ended up and also she heads home, she declines into a careless, careless otaku.

Umaru not does anything yet exist around, eat unhealthy food, and also take in the current anime. She’s so much of a slob that she outright refuses to do any kind of household chores, leaving them all up to her inadequate brother, Taihei, who frequently gets stuck handling her shenanigans.

The Matsuno Brothers Are A Bunch Of Unmotivated NEETs (Osomatsu-San).

Osomatsu-san celebrities everybody’s favored sextuplet siblings, who are all grown up as well as living the NEET life. They’re all well into their 20s, the Matsuno brothers stay careless slobs and have no motivation to obtain a job or improve themselves in any way. Rather, they invest their days bumming around and also failing at picking up girls.

Every now and then, they may discover a twinkle of motivation and also effort to enter into the labor force, yet this is normally temporary, and they quickly revert back to their lazy and gross selves. While they might not have any kind of motivation to do anything, the Matsuno brothers still seriously long to boost their social standing as well as come to be prominent. For them, that needs real job.

Meow Is The Laziest Of The Group (Space Dandy).

Meow belongs to the major group in Space Dandy, though he functions as even more of a concern than a colleague. He freeloads off of Dandy and the team, spending the majority of his time playing computer game, reviewing manga, as well as leaving a mess any place he goes.

He has no feeling of hygiene, and also he never ever picks up after himself. Actually, his sloppy practices are so bad that he often clutters up the ship with his garbage, making him the laziest slob of the team.

Usagi Is Surprisingly Sloppy For Such A Cute Girl (Sailor Moon).

When most think of anime slobs, an adorable enchanting woman seems like the least most likely offender. Nonetheless, Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon is famously careless as well as untidy, much more so than the typical teenager. She’s lazy, topsy-turvy, as well as prioritizes food over practically anything.

The other Senshi and even her sweetheart Mamoru typically scold her for her routines, however it never ever seems to do any great. She might be charming and an effective wonderful girl, but when she’s not conserving the globe, Usagi is just one of the biggest slobs in the collection.

Youhei Sunohara’s Dorm Room Is Always In Shambles (Clannad).

Clannad’s Youhei Sunohara is simply a typical high schooler with an untidy dormitory. However, he takes it to the next level with his messiness, with heaps of garbage as well as mountains of dirty laundry all over.

He’s the largest slob in the entire series, as well as there are several occasions where his good friends have to cleanse as well as come up his abysmal mess, only for it to come back shortly after they’ve finished. As the years pass within the series, his sloppy, messy practices never ever appear to change and also even follow him right into the adult years.

Ed Is An Ace Hacker, But Not An Ace Cleaner (Cowboy Bebop).

There are plenty of careless good-for-nothings in Cowboy Bebop, including its famous protagonist even. Nevertheless, none of them are nearly as much of a slob as the young Radical Edward. She’s an experienced hacker with extraordinary intelligence, as well as an important participant of the group.

Though she might be knowledgeable with computer systems, Ed isn’t precisely the very best housekeeper. Concentrating more on her work than tidiness or even hygiene, Ed’s home is normally a full mess, loaded with trash, washes, as well as old computer components.

Naruto’s Apartment Reflects His Messy & Disorganized Lifestyle (Naruto).

Considering he’s a child living alone, it’s truthfully no shock that Naruto’s apartment or condo is a significant mess. It’s hard to refute that this shonen hero lives like a total slob on most days. He leaves washes strewn almost everywhere, has piles of trash, and never makes his bed.

While that could be foregone conclusion for most twelve-year-olds, his behaviors don’t appear to alter much as he ages. Even after the time skip in Naruto Shippuden, he still appears to be living a messy and also untidy lifestyle that’s enough to make the least orderly of fans cringe.

Toph’s True Nature Is The Complete Opposite Of Her Upbringing (Avatar: The Last Airbender).

When followers very first fulfill Toph in Book Two of Avatar: The Last Airbender, she looks prudish, appropriate, and also fine-tuned. Toph Beifong is messy, sloppy, and occasionally also pretty gross.

After fleing and also signing up with Team Avatar, Toph finally obtains the possibility to be her real self, and she does so completely unapologetically. She can be a bit much sometimes, this carefree spirit of hers is what followers enjoy the many about her character.

Yukino Miyazawa Lives The Secret Life Of A Slob In Your Home (His And Her Circumstances).

Initially glimpse, Yukino Miyazawa feels like the perfect girl in just about every method. She’s quite, prominent, as well as on top of her course. Nevertheless, viewers soon discover that Yukino’s hiding a huge key from every person. She may have created the exterior of the ideal girl, but actually, she’s a large slob that relaxes around and also wear only loungewear.

Despite her real nature, Yukino is very vain as well as longs to be venerated and also applauded by others. She’s willing to do anything to keep her slobby lifestyle a key, regardless of what. This becomes her failure after brand-new student Soichiro captures her in her natural state and also uses it versus her.

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