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Tini Tom’s response to criticism:

Actor Tini Tom responds to critics of Suresh Gopi. Tiny Tom’s response via live video. After a long hiatus, Suresh Gopi, who forgot about the quarrel and attended the event of ‘Amma’ organization, was seen on social media receiving a picture of Tini Tom in a gold dress. Underneath the film were jokes such as ‘Mother fell dung’ and ‘Dung went inside’. Tiny Tom is responding to such criticism.

Tiny Tom’s words:

I have not taken a single rupee from Suresh Gopi except for a handshake. He never even gave me a chance in a movie. As an artist, I am now open about it because I think it is a sin not to say certain things yet.

She goes to work at the Divine Meditation Center. Rajesh, who once sang there, told me: A movie star lives next door for rent and Tini should go and see him. It was Glass George and family. When I went to their house I saw a very tired Georgette. His wife has undergone five chemo. Their main need is a kidney transplant. Lakhs will be required.

I’m not a superstar. He comes from a normal family. Someone who has only seen filmmakers from a distance, moving on with life through small stage programs. Someone who is reluctant to even ask for opportunities in film. I have now reached a position through an election conducted by an organization called ‘Amma’ which includes top players. I’m still a normal mother.

Someone who came to cinema only with desire. So I asked a few people for help with Sir George. He told his condition to one or two leading figures in the film industry. But many of them shook hands. I felt very guilty. It could happen to me tomorrow.

I felt guilty that I would be left alone if I found myself in a similar situation. When I was thinking about that too, I saw Suresh Gopi at the Nedumbassery airport. I’m not that close. He was waiting to go to Thiruvananthapuram. It was time for the flight while I went to the airport lobby and pointed things out to him. “If the flight lands, you have to come to me. I have to give you your number,” he said and left for the flight. I do not think so.

He was not active in politics. Arrived at Thiruvananthapuram, he bought my number and later took over the case of George Etten. This is an incident that took place during the Oommen Chandy government. George Etten is still alive today only because he overcame all the hurdles of kidney transplantation and made all the arrangements for it. When Sureshettan attended his mother’s meeting yesterday, they saw Georgette as healthy and they hugged each other.

Ever since then, I have been watching Suresh from a distance. He does a lot of things like this for the community. He does all this from his own income. In the Kasargod area, houses have been given to many people. He should never be judged by the politics he represents or his religion. Sureshettan is a good man who does a lot of good things.

He should never be left out in the name of religion or politics. We also need to remember that what makes a person different is what he does. Try not to hate him even if you can no longer love him. I do not want to hurt everyone, but I do want to tell some people.

I was one of those people who wanted Suresh to return to his mother. I was at the front of that line. How long has such a good man been out? ‘Mother’ is a family. Those in the film also wanted his arrival. Even when he reached the stage, Sureshettan said it was a family matter. Still sharing pictures with him. He will reveal the good things he does.

See man as man. Try to understand what Suresh Gopi is and do not look at him with hatred of religion, caste or politics. When you approach him with any request, see if he can check you on politics and religion.

There is only love for him. He’s the man I saw standing apart as a human being. The biggest message of the festival is Zakat. Suresh Gopi is a man who pays Zakat not out of party funds but out of his own hands. Tini Tom says that one should not measure oneself by religion and political affiliation and that he has often experienced firsthand the goodness and care of artist Suresh Gopi.

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