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Three tattoos in the name of the ex-husband; Samantha says not to get tattooed on anyone

Actress Samantha tells fans never to tattoo anyone’s name. The actress was responding to a question on her Instagram story. He says in the video that this is what he is advising himself.

A fan asked me what tattoo style I would like to try out. Samantha’s reply was, “Never do tattoos, that’s what I’m telling myself, never do tattoos.”

Earlier, Samantha shared a tattoo of her ex-husband Nagachaitanya on social media. Samantha got three tattoos.

The actor has tattooed the word ‘YMC’ on the back of his neck to commemorate his debut film ‘Yeh Maya Chesapeake’ with Nagachaitanya. The two fell in love during the filming of ‘Yeh Maya Chesapeake’.

Another is the couple tattoo done by Samantha and Nagachaitanya together.

The couple got married in 2018 after a long love affair. The couple shared in a note confirming the divorce news that they are separating as life partners and hope that the friendship between them will last for more than ten years.

After the divorce, Samantha was the victim of a cyber attack. There were many stories about Samantha, including abortion and illicit relationships. Samantha denied all this.

In an interview, Nagachaitanya revealed that divorce was the best solution taken at that time. It was a decision we made for the personal good of both of us. If Samantha is happy, I’m happy too. That was the best decision I could make in that situation. “

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