The MCU post-Endgame has actually in some way handled to be an even wilder flight than it was prior to the Avengers conserved the whole universe from Thanos, and fans have actually not been grumbling. Even with initial secret characters like Iron Guy, Captain America, and Black Widow lastly fulfilling their fates, brand-new heroes and bad guys have actually emerged to keep the enjoyment going and have actually shown that the MCU is no place near near stopping. However even with a few of the most precious and tenured heroes gone, some MCU heroes are still going more powerful than ever — among which is Thor.

The God of Thunder is among just 3 staying initial Avengers, the very first MCU character to be getting his 4th standalone task, and fans could not be more hyped. With that being stated, Thor’s 4th getaway, Thor: Love and Thunder, is set to strike theaters on July 8, 2022, and fans have actually just been dealt with to a 90-second teaser trailer that dropped last month. Not just was the teaser the longest-waited trailer in the history of the MCU, however it’s now been a month considering that it was launched and a main 150-second trailer has still yet to discover its method to the Web.


So, with just a month and a half up until the movie is set to strike theaters… where’s all the Thor: Love and Thunder video footage?

What We Saw in the Thor 4 Teaserthor 4 trailer long wait teaser recap Cropped

Let’s begin by wrapping up the short littles details that we received from the teaser. In short, it wasn’t much. Essentially, the trailer validated for audiences what they practically currently understood, which was that Thor was going to go on a journey of self-enlightenment in order to find out where he suits deep space.

Fans of the MCU and watchers of Endgame will bear in mind that Thor left New Asgard with the Guardians of the Galaxy for that extremely factor. Because this will be the very first we have actually seen Thor considering that Endgame, it just makes good sense that that’s where the story’s story will go.

Other verifications are that Natalie Portman will be returning as Jane Foster which she’ll be using up the mantle of Mighty Thor, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy appearing in the movie. Based upon the teaser, it appears as though the Guardians will not have a significant function in the movie, however time will inform.

Besides that, very little was validated. There was a shot of what can be presumed to be Russell Crowe as Zeus (from behind, so not validated) and an obvious animal that Gorr the God Butcher most most likely eliminated, however once again, it was all extremely unclear and just left fans hurting for more.

Thor 4 Reshoots & Pushbacksthor 4 trailer long wait reshoots pushbacks Cropped

Routine movie-going fans may not know this as much as die-hard MCU fans are, however the MCU needed to go through significant modifications in their schedule (mainly due to the Covid pandemic), and it quite modified a great deal of their tasks that remained in development at the time. Completion outcome concluded with essentially every MCU task being placed on time out or going through huge rewrites and re-shoots. Thor: Love and Thunder was the ladder.

Due to Thor 4 being pressed back to the date of July 8, 2022 (the initial date was November 5, 2021) and a lot of other MCU tasks needing to be reworded and re-shot, that implies that the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder can’t come out yet since it actually hasn’t been finished. Benedict Cumberbatch even joked throughout press for the current Doctor Strange 2 movie that the movie may not be completed by the time it was set to release for the extremely exact same factors.

Keeping all of that in mind, fans need to most likely more than happy that they have actually gotten any video footage at all. Still, viewing as pre-sale tickets for Thor: Love and Thunder are bound to begin offering quickly, audiences do have a right to understand precisely what movie they’re purchasing a ticket for — and without a trailer, that’s kinda tough to do.

Why No Authorities Trailer Yet is a Good Ideathor 4 trailer long wait why its a good thing Cropped

Although fans would enjoy to get simply a couple of more seconds of the God of Thunder to get a peek of what experience he’ll go on next, it’s in fact a good idea that Marvel hasn’t launched a main trailer yet for several factors. Initially, as we specified, the movie needed to go through a great deal of reshoots that were just concluded extremely just recently.

With that in mind, it’s just sensible that Marvel not release a trailer since the end product of the trailer may not match what the last cut of the movie lastly wound up being. A trailer is expected to be a sneak peek of the movie. If the movie is great however does not match the trailer, audiences will still leave the theater puzzled.

The 2nd factor is that a person of the MCU’s most significant reviews recently is how much they “lie” in their trailers. Particularly, how they utilize takes or shots in the trailers that end up being various in the last cut of the movie (or even worse, do not even make it into the movie at all). With that in mind, it appears as though Marvel may lastly be making a mindful effort to keep their trailers in line with what the end product of their movies will be, however fans will simply need to wait on a main trailer to see if that applies.