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This was the incredible transformation of actor Tom Hopper before The Umbrella Academy

To play Luther, a super-strength character in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, Tom Hopper had to train hard, six days a week, to sculpt a superhero-like body. The actor trains multiple times a day to stay as healthy and fit as humanly possible. This is how you end up with a Hopper-like physique : small waist, big shoulders, substantial pecs and biceps, and a V-shape to full effect. He looks like a cross between an Olympic swimmer and a professional rugby player, with the handsome face of a model.

For those wondering, but who the hell is Tom Hopper?” here’s a primer. The actor was born in central England and played sports from a very young age, but also took an early interest in acting , often dressing up and doing impersonations. for family and friends.As a teenager, she acted in school plays and studied theater in college.It was then that her passions for fitness and entertainment intertwined.

“When I entered the acting world, I wanted to stand out as an actor because it was very competitive,” Tom Hopper said in an interview with an American magazine while training at the ultra-exclusive Performix House gym in Manhattan. “ I realized that there weren’t many young men in Britain who were bigger and more muscular . So the first thing I thought was to try to make it big.”

Actor Tom Hooper has his own fan account on Instagram

To summarize: it worked. After bulking up on him, Tom Hopper began landing roles in low-budget movies and British TV shows, usually playing menacing types: soldiers, swordsmen, that sort of thing. He played the stocky gentleman Sir Percival in 26 episodes, then played pirate William “Billy Bones” Manderly on the Starz series Black Sails. The show became a cult favorite, and his costumes allowed Hopper to show off his arms on a regular basis, to the point that they now have their own Instagram fan account.

After the success of Black Sails, Tom Hopper landed a memorable role in the HBO mega- hit Game of Thrones , in which Hopper’s character ends up being burned alive by a dragon. He then had a supporting role in the 2018 Amy Schumer film You May Have Seen on a Plane. Hopper’s imposing physique comes in handy in his latest project, The Umbrella Academy. Based on a bunch of graphic novels by musician Gerard Way of the band My Chemical Romance.

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