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This is what Peyton List looked like in his first television appearance, away from Cobra Kai

Peyton List was a child star before her big break. In fact, her first film role was in the 2008 romantic comedy 27 Dresses, in which she played the younger version of Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane. She then moved on to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise before landing her role as Emma Ross in Jessie.

Peyton played Emma on the show from 2011 to 2015 and then reprized her role in the spin-off, Bunk’d. She confirmed in August 2018 that she was leaving the series . “Not to give up. I’m over the age of kids’ shows,” she responded to a fan via Instagram at the time. “I love all those people on the show so much that they are and always will be my family. Everyone grows and starts new projects. Grateful for everyone who has grown with me and will continue to grow.”

Peyton reflected on her time as a Disney Channel star as she prepared to say goodbye to Bunk’d . “It’s interesting. It’s funny that I grew up with other people who were in the same situation on the show, like Jessie. I was 12 when I first auditioned and I loved Disney. That was my dream to be on a Disney show.” he told People Now in September 2018. “So it was weird to suddenly be stopped by kids my age and people would recognize me. I’d go to Six Flags or Disney or wherever and all of a sudden I wasn’t normal. I had people my age [who looked up to me] and it was kind of weird, kind of an adjustment.”

Peyton List became a Disney Channel star in 2011 when she began starring in Jessie.

Peyton List began taking on more mature projects, with 2016’s The Thinning, 2018’s The Thinning: New World Order, and 2018’s Light as a Feather. She has starred in the Netflix series Cobra Kai since 2019. However, she is still compared to other former Disney stars.

“I feel like you and me, we’re not trying to hide a crazy life from the public,” he told Bailee Madison during a January 2019 episode of the Wizards of Waverly Place alumnus podcast. “I don’t feel as much pressure for myself, but I do have people come up to me when I’m traveling through small towns. They’re like, ‘Don’t come out like that Britney Spears or that Miley Cyrus.’”


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