There is a constant argument about who must be the next James Bond, however not who must direct the next movie. After Daniel Craig concluded his time as the MI5 spy, it’s time for a brand-new star and director to change the franchise and take it to brand-new and intriguing locations.

Through the years, most James Bond directors were service technicians without their own vision. They understood how to develop amazing action scenes, however the advancement of the characters or the structure of the frame weren’t their primary interests. Over the last twenty years, that has actually altered. With Craig as Bond, directors with a particular viewpoint ended up being thinking about directing the character. Sam Mendes did it, Danny Boyle practically did it, and Cary Fukunaga ended Craig’s legend with his own spin on the character. Who should be next? Let’s get our martinis (shaken, not stirred), untie our tuxedos, and discuss some directors we believe would do a fantastic task directing the globe-trotting, hot, action-packed franchise:


Cristopher Nolan

The director of movies like Beginning and The Dark Knight would be a best prospect for the brand-new Bond movies. He has the chops as an action director, he understands how to work inside a multi-million-dollar spending plan movie, and comprehends how to alter and restore a franchise. He did it with Batman and might do it once again with Bond.

If you don’t consider all the time taking a trip and time loop shenanigans, Tenet is the best audition tape ever for a Bond movie. It’s a pity John David Washington is not British, due to the fact that he might’ve been a fantastic lead. In all his movies, Nolan has actually shown he has the proficiency to develop unbelievable action series, the creativity for eye-catching stunts, and the eye for taking a trip to amazing locations. Include some martinis and cool devices, which might completely specify a James Bond movie.

Steve McQueen

After directing movies like Cravings or Pity, McQueen would provide the Bond franchise a various appearance and taste. As a vibrant writer and seriously well-known director, his movie might provide a brand-new point of view on the character; one that shows the distinctions in between the spy produced throughout the British Empire and the 21st century. Revealing how the spy needs to keep progressing and being renovated for our times must provide the movie and star some originalities and feelings to have fun with.

Widows showed McQueen can utilize his voice and provide it to adrenaline-fueled scenes, offering covert depths to its lead characters and with a fantastic bad guy (we haven’t had one considering that Javier Bardem in Skyfall). All those components would produce an intriguing James Bond movie.

Olivia Wilde

With just 2 movies under her belt (and we haven’t even seen the 2nd one yet), this might appear like a weird choice. However, Olivia Wilde has actually currently shown she has the directing chops for a big franchise. In Booksmart, she revealed originality, compassion, and an all-in approach that might do marvels for our preferred spy. Seeing the trailer for Don’t Worry Beloved, you can see she understands how to do action and how to direct intimate scenes. Both are a need to in Bond movies.

In the past, Barbara Broccoli has actually stated that Bond will never ever be a female, however might be directed by one. Olivia Wilde might be that novice lady director, including a female point of view to the franchise and, perhaps, revealing a various side of James Bond.

Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson constantly has fun with popular categories and alters the concepts we have of them to develop something brand-new and special. He has actually done it with noir movies (Brick), whodunits (Knives Out), and time travel (Looper). He might do the exact same for the spy category and James Bond.

When he directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he revealed that he can deal with big camping tent pole movies, and likewise that he’s not scared of altering things that some fans feel are spiritual; producing the most intriguing movie of the brand-new legend. If the Bond franchise wishes to keep mattering, perhaps a little bit of modification is not such a bad concept, and Johnson would be the best director for it.

Quentin Tarantino

As one of the most iconic directors of the 21st Century, who has actually constantly had an interest in popular culture, Quentin Tarantino directing a James Bond movie would make a great deal of sense. In the past, he has actually acknowledged that he had a concept for Gambling Establishment Royale and even pitched himself to Pierce Brosnan (over martinis, certainly) for directing his next James Bond movie.

Tarantino understands how to do unbelievable action series and would most likely have countless tributes to the older Bond movies and the spy category itself. He must most likely need to cut down on the gore and the defective vocabulary, however would be a unique developer for the franchise. We haven’t seen a Tarantino movie embeded in today considering that Eliminate Expense, and it would be quite enjoyable seeing what he’s able to finish with all Q’s devices and all the tech at his disposal. Possibly we could even have a scene with Bond speaking about popular culture or British movie theater while consuming a Big Kahuna hamburger? In the meantime, we can just dream about that.