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There was a picture from the new season of “True Detective”

The network has a framework from the fourth season of the compilation “True Detective”, which got the caption “Nightland”. The picture reveals both major personalities of the new component of the show – their duties are played by Jodie Foster as well as Kali Reis.

The activity of the 4th season will certainly unravel in the city of Ennis, Alaska during the polar evening. In the tale, investigators Liz Danvers as well as Evangeline Navarro examine the mystical disappearance of 6 employees at an Arctic research station. To get to the bottom of the fact, detectives will first need to handle their very own keys.

Starring in the 4th season are Christopher Eccleston, Fiona Shaw, John Hawkes, Finn Bennet and also Anna Lambe. Issa Lopez (Always Returns) and also Alan Arriaga (The Shining Ones) are creating the new chapter.

The launch day of the fourth part is still unidentified.

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