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The tragedy of all three marriages, the name of a woman who was gang-raped at the age of 15, was drawn to the blade by the climber; Life story of ‘Kali’!



Audiences clap for the hero or villain when watching mass action in movies. But I do not even remember that the real hands behind this belong to the stunt master. Mafia Shashi is a well known stunt master for Malayalees. Kali, a native of Mamangalam, Ernakulam, who is the assistant of Mafia Sasi, is not so familiar to the Malayalee audience. Life circumstances made Kali a strong woman and brought her to the realm of cinema stunts. The way of life that came into being about Kali was very difficult. Kali’s childhood, school life, parental care and married life were a source of burning pain. In one crore episodes, Kali reveals her unknown life story Flowers.

Kali’s words:

Stunt is not just action, it is stunt even when one slips and falls. Bike accident and hanging is a stunt. Mostly done as a dupe.
Shweta Menon and Sanusha have a dupe. He has also worked on a Hollywood movie. There are so few. I do not ask the names of any of the actresses. They did not ask for a name because they did not feel anything. The name of the character is not even asked. Remember that I did it after the movie was released?

Kali says that she had an accident at the location of the movie Cousins ​​and at the location of the movie Clayman. By his nature, everyone calls him Kilukkam. His real name is Dhanya. It was the name given to me by people I thought were my parents until I was twenty-seven. I was an orphan, I was adopted and raised. But I saw my real father once. He said that his name was Bhadra Menon. I really like that name. But I did not want that name and decided that Kali was enough behind it.

At the time of the CD raid. I saw a lot with my aunt and uncle’s mother. Naturally I hated him. When he responded, he and his aunt’s mother harassed him. He hit his head with a chandelier in his hand to escape and ran away

Then he tried to commit suicide several times. Once when he was about to go down to the sea, a man who had been following him for a few days asked him about his problem. I was relieved to have someone to talk to then. We talked. Seeing that, my father’s acquaintances told my father about it. I was talking to a pagan on the beach, and when I found out, they hurt me a lot. They started reacting because it hurt them. The decision was made to hurt them. It continued. He informed her that he wanted to get married and told him to talk to his father.

That was a trick of mine, and hurting them became a charm. Eventually we got married. It later became a punishment. Problems with the incident re-emerged at the age of fifteen, and the interrogation of the natives became torture. He started using drugs to get rid of it. And then began to harass. It was the parents who were watching. He is accompanied by children who are related to him. One morning he went downstairs, when he had his first child.

He later repented and returned. Stopped for a while. When he was a second child, he went down again one fine morning. Then he came, and he had a close relationship. The next thing I wanted to do was look at her too. By then, I had done stunts in cinema and was financially sound. I was told that I could not even look at her ‘- says Kali.

I have not seen my mother. Currently my mother is a woman named Vasanthi. I have only seen them, but they have not loved me. She is an abandoned woman in the third month. He was with a woman named Vasanthi till the age of thirty. No one liked my oversmartness. We have two children, a sister, and he is no more, and my uncle died in an accident before he was eighteen. He was in Chalakudy and was working as a driver. Lalachcha taught that if you fall asleep while driving, you should park the car and go to sleep. He was used to it. So one white man was sleeping in the car, and there was someone with him. When a Tamil lorry driver fell asleep, he lost control and crashed into a vehicle lying on the ground. When the car hit him in the face, the person who was with him called his brother but there was no time to escape. He escaped with minor injuries as he kicked his friend out of the car in the allotted time. But even if he was asleep, death could not help but call, he was gone, and I was alone.

The foster father was well abused and had alcohol and cannabis use. He would hit us with his belt. Once upon a time there was a stab in the back of our head. I used to go to church there to eat when I was in first grade. When he went there, the priest discovered it. He sighed. Lalacha was called and advised. But to no avail.

Once upon a time there was an incident at school. When I was in 10th grade, some people in the class reacted against bringing the booklet. Eventually pushing and shoving. Teachers intervened. Eventually I was convicted and convicted. The truth of what I have done in that regard has finally come out. I did not bring it. There was another reason I was convicted. Because it was my role. At that time my mother was going to do housework at the house of the Anglo Indians. I’m getting old kids dresses there. That was what I was wearing.

Compared to the rest, I had less skinny clothes and body growth. Teachers have also been harassed without showing any mercy. They gave me the image of a lawyer. The pain of the ordeal I suffered at school still lingers today. When I came out after the school incident, I was faced with a similar situation where a number of men followed me and asked for a booklet. He is innocent in the incident. But they were torturing me. Frightened, he ran back to school. Because I could not go home.

When I approached HM there was no one there. By then my name was bad there. The teachers themselves were spreading the word that I had brought the book to school. The news spread like wildfire. It was only when Aniyan came and told me that I realized its horrible atmosphere. A few friends stopped me in the middle of them and drove me home from school that day. It was a song all the way. The story was spread that day, including on the bus. Even thought of running away somewhere.

Then getting on the bus was like getting caught and strangled, then on the bike itself. Later he started being reluctant to even go to school. He even went to school once and demanded that the truth of the matter be revealed in the assembly. Those who did it are still living decent lives. When the parents of the child who brought the book were called to reveal the truth, they did not come. The boy stopped studying. Its impact is still felt today. The house where I lived did not even have a closed door. That house is still there. He took the stone, utensils, wood and planks and closed the door and went to bed. The mother will leave, leaving the father. It was after midnight when my father came home drunk. Do you want to stay safe until then? The house is in the middle of the forest. The net is spread around to prevent the snake from coming. There are people out there who are more venomous than snakes.

Once a group of people locked me in a gym. The hand of the one who came to climb was drawn with the blade and left. When he ran through the mangroves to escape, his legs were full of wounds and bleeding. I ‘m not sure if it’s because of me or not.

The wedding was a head-on affair between the family and the locals. Two daughters of a father’s sister were killed in a car accident. They have three children for two. A sister has two children. I was very close to them. The last thing they saw before they died was me. They left their children with me and went on that journey. That’s when the accident happened. Six months after Chechi’s death, Chechi’s husband started a marriage proposal. He was tied to my head by the family and the locals saying that I got a bad name and I could not have another good relationship.

Once he was accused of a torture case, he did not know it, he was hiding in my house that day. Seen that day. It was not known at the time whether he was the culprit or in hiding. I found out after the wedding. It was only two months after the marriage, when he was separated from his family, that he realized that he was not the culprit but an even bigger criminal. Kali says that he was a kind of psycho. He has faced mental problems and torture. That relationship lasted only six months.

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