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The story will be good, but there will be nothing to write about, so now the script will ask – Indrans

Actor Indrans says that the basis of the film is the script and that is why the film is moving forward. It would be nice to hear the story being told. But when it comes to writing, nothing happens. “I have experienced this in a couple of films recently,” he told Mathrubhumi News.

They do not give much importance to the script. So don’t listen to the story, just enjoy reading it, he added that now he is being told to give the script.

I never felt like I should have come to the movies. In the meanwhile, when I was busy, I prayed that I would not need so many movies. Earlier there were smaller characters. Lasting only three to four days. Finish one and run after the next. He had done those roles with enthusiasm. Now it’s starting to get bigger characters. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

“Comedy roles will continue to be done. Shafi’s films are like that. Indrans said.

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