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The Rock Manufacturer Shuts Down Popular James Bond Theory

Fans have actually thought that Sean Connery’s character is really an older James Bond, however Jerry Bruckheimer dismisses that concept.

It appears that The Rock is not privately a James Bond follow up in camouflage as some fans have actually recommended. For many years, there has actually been a popular fan theory that Sean Connery’s character in the 1996 action flick remains in truth and older Bond passing a various name. As the theory has actually continued, numerous fans have actually gone on and accepted The Rock as a movie that’s really about what occurs to the initial 007

The fan theory has actually gotten a lot steam that it has actually now made its method directly to among the movie’s manufacturers, Jerry Bruckheimer, who attended to the theory in a current Reddit AMA. Bruckheimer closes down the concept that The Rock is a James Bond tradition follow up, or it a minimum of was not created that method. Here’s what Bruckheimer stated when asked if the filmmakers had actually written The Rock with James Bond in mind.


“It was never discussed or even thought about.”

In The Rock, which was directed by Michael Bay, Sean Connery stars as a previous SAS captain who’s designated as part of a group charged with getting into Alcatraz when it’s surpassed by rogue Militaries. The theory is that Connery’s character is really a variation of James Bond who was recorded and sent to prison at the popular penitentiary, disavowing the previous representative. Even with Bruckheimer’s rejection, numerous fans will likely still continue to think about Connery as Bond in the movie, even if that was not the filmmakers’ intent.

Dealing With Sean Connery Was an Honor for Nicolas Cage

The Rock likewise stars Nicolas Cage in among the veteran star’s most commemorated functions. Cage had actually long been a fan of Connery he did the movie, going back to those traditional James Bond movies. Even if Connery isn’t playing Bond in The Rock, it was an unbelievable experience for Cage to team up with the popular Bond star.

“He was a huge influence on my decision to become an actor,” Cage informed ET in 2016, honoring the movie’s 20th anniversary. “Going as far back as Dr. No, which I saw at a drive-in movie theater with my father, I knew I wanted to be like that.”

Keeping in mind that he utilized to describe Connery on the set as “Maestro,” Cage included, “We would have a scotch together and simply discuss his life. He likes to sing, you understand. So, in between shots he’ll be singing. It’s extremely cool to see Sean Connery singing a big-band variation of Donna Summer’s ‘Hot Stuff.’”

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