As Rob Zombie nears completion of production on The Munsters, the director has actually launched a brand-new image exposing our best look yet at Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster. In previous preview, we have actually seen Herman in black-and-white or fuzzy pictures, and he was seen in action in a rough video likewise just recently revealed. In among his most recent Instagram posts, Zombie consisted of a series of pictures detailing how to produce a homemade Herman outfit, and at the tail end is a brand name brand-new picture of Phillips from the movie.

Zombie states in the caption, “Many of you have been commenting on Herman’s excellent makeup and asking how can I do this for my next cosplay? Well, here are the true Hollywood secrets! Now you can be a real deal Herman!”


“Man oh man I spent days up to my elbows in paper mache trying to recreate this headpiece as a kid-luckily we had an amazingly talented fx team making the magic on this film,” Phillips states in the remarks.

Rob Zombie Likewise Exposed 2 New Characters

Another Instagram post from Rob Zombie showcases 2 more characters from the movie. Formerly, Zombie revealed that Jeremy Wheeler would be playing the movie’s variation of Mr. Gateman, Herman Munster’s employer. As Zombie reveals, Mr. Gateman will have 2 assistants, and both of their images can be seen in the Instagram post listed below.

“Well, you can’t expect Mr. Gateman to run the funeral parlor by himself,” Zombie states. “I give you his partners in the business of death… MR. GOODBURY played by Roderick Hill and MR. GRAVES played [by] Mark Griffith.”

“Two lovely actors. A joy to work with them,” kept in mind Grandfather star Dan Roebuck.

Phillips likewise commented, “Roderick & Mark had the chops to get the job done… literally! Excellent work gentlemen.”

Zombie has actually been on a roll with numerous character reveals, consisting of different members of the Munster household like Tomas Boykin as Lily’s monster bro Lester and the return of Uncle Gilbert in behind-the-scenes video footage. Zombie likewise revealed that initial The Munsters star Pat Priest, who played Marilyn in the timeless comedy, had actually signed up with the cast of the movie. It’s unclear if she’ll be playing a brand-new version of Marilyn, as no other actors have actually been revealed for that function, or another character. It has actually likewise not been exposed what the status of Eddie Munster is, though it promises Butch Patrick will be included, provided his relationship with Zombie.

There is no release date formally revealed for The Munsters. Some reports profess the movie will be launched in both theaters and on Peacock, while other reports recommend it will be a Netflix unique. In any case, the movie is anticipated to show up later on this year. It has actually likewise been reported that the movie will be ranked PG, the very first for director Rob Zombie, which will be along the lines of the initial funny series that he’s such a big fan of.