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Official trailer of the invisible guest film

The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest Movie Story and Full Information

The Invisible Guest (Spanish: Contratiempo, lit. ‘Return’) is a 2016 Spanish thriller written and directed by Oriol Paulo. The film was launched in Spain on January 6, 2017. The film opened to a lukewarm pivotal response, but was an industrial success, grossing $30.5 million as opposed to funds of €4 million.

Spanish businessman Adrián Doria is out on bail after being arrested for the murder of his lover, Laura Vidal. His attorney, Félix Leiva, hires prestigious protection attorney Virginia Goodman, who visits him at his residence with the information that the district attorney has discovered a witness who will soon testify at the entrance of a molar. They have three hours to provide you with protection, so Virginia urges her consumer to inform him of the whole fact.

Adrián tells Virginia how he and Laura ended their affair months in the past, but acquired a name that blackmailed them into coming back to a rural lodge with €100,000. At the lodge, Adrián was knocked unconscious and woke up to search for Laura uselessly in the toilet. With the door and windows of the house locked, the police discovered that Adrián was the only suspect.

Adrián then tells us again how he claimed to be in Paris, but was in fact in a hut with Laura. As they drive back to Barcelona, ​​Adrián swerves to stay away from a deer, trapping another car that crashes into a tree. Though unharmed, the motive power of the other car, an employee of a financial institution named Daniel Garrido, 23, is killed. Laura rationalizes that it’s not entirely their fault since Daniel texted and never wore his seat belt.

When another car approaches, Laura pushes Daniel’s physique down over the passenger seat, and he or she and Adrián attempt to change the insurance coverage information. She fixes Daniel’s cell phone when it rings to continue the ruse, and the other driver leaves satisfied. Laura waits for a tow truck in Adrián’s car, which won’t start, while Adrián dumps Daniel’s car into a lake, along with his body in the trunk.

After a while, upset, Laura picks up Adrián near the lake and tells him how his car has been repaired. A car engineer, Tomás, drove by and helped Laura, who claimed she had hit a deer. He towed Adrian’s car to his (Tomás’) house to fix it. While talking to Tomás’ husband, Elvira, Laura saw some household pictures and realized Daniel Garrido was their son.

As Laura was about to leave and got into Adrian’s car, she adjusted the propulsion seat, which aroused Tomás’ suspicions about the propulsion ID. After Adrián sells his car and finds it stolen, he combines methods with Laura, hopefully for good.

Within many days, Adrián is called to the police station, because Tomás has reported his plate quantity to the police. Félix arranges a false alibi for Adrián in Paris and bribes the police to extract Adrián’s identity from the Garrido file. When the information reports that Daniel is on the run after embezzling money from the financial institution, Adrián confronts Laura, who admits she stole Daniel’s bags when they put his body in the trunk, and later hacked Daniel’s account and stole the money. . Adrián tells her that what she did is flawed, but Laura threatens to harm him as well.

Adrián is known as European businessman of the 12 months, and Tomás poses as a reporter during the ceremony to confront him. Tomás notices that Adrián pulls out the identical cigarette lighter he noticed when repairing the car. He begs Adrián to inform him about the place where his son’s body wants to bury him because Tomás has been removed from safety.

Days later, Adrián receives a photo of a lake with directions to take Laura to the farming lodge with €100,000. Adrián thinks the blackmailer will be the driver they saw driving after the accident, if he adopted Adrián when he dumped the car in the lake.

Back in the flow, Virginia means that, to save himself, Adrián might declare that he saw the face of the person who hit him in the rural spare room and that the attacker was Tomás. Adrián then reveals that he acknowledged the whole time that it was Tomás because he saw his face, but he didn’t say it because he was testing Virginia.

Virginia suggests placing Laura’s goods in the trunk of Daniel’s car (with Daniel’s body in it), claiming she was acting alone. Adrián then confesses that when he pushed the car into the lake, Daniel woke up, only unconscious; an autopsy would show he drowned. Virginia is visibly shocked, but she says she won’t reveal this to the chosen few.

Virginia says Laura’s medical records show she was influenced by anxiety, no doubt from a responsible conscience, and suggests Adrián is lying to make it look like Laura was the mastermind behind their deception. Nevertheless, Virginia says she believes Tomás set him up as a result of Elvira’s (Tomás’ husband) work on the rural lodge where Laura’s physique was discovered, which is why the Garridos chose that spot for the rendezvous. have chosen:

Elvira may have simply unlocked the window so her husband could flee after killing Laura, and later locked the window, making it seem like no one else had gotten in. Virginia says that Tomás has stalked him (Adrián), Félix, and even herself, and that she has a abode all along the way, where Tomás is lurking. She continues to push Adrián, who eventually admits that he killed Laura and staged the scene.

Félix calls and leaves a message on Adrián’s voicemail, encouraging him to call again because he couldn’t reach him on his cell phone. Virginia proposes to return Félix’s name while they take a short 10-minute break. She leaves the house with great haste. Adrián meanwhile activates his mobile and calls Félix: Félix again tells Adrian that he could not think of him and informs him that the prosecutor’s witness is certainly the opposite driver, but his silence was efficiently bought.

While Félix wonders how the meeting with Virginia is going, the decision is disrupted by exaggerated high notes. Adrián then realizes that their entire dialogue is being recorded. He remembers that Virginia turned off his phone beforehand, probably so the sign wouldn’t interfere with the recording. He appears across the road at the residence and sees Tomás chasing Virginia, who reveals herself as Elvira Garrido in disguise. Using Elvira’s confession from Adrián, Tomás calls the police when the real Virginia Goodman arrives at Adrián’s home.

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Disclaimer : Piracy is a crime and is considered a serious crime under the Copyright Act of 1957. The purpose of this page is to inform the general public about theft and encourage them to protect themselves from such acts. We request that you do not encourage or participate in any form of piracy.

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