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The incredible transformation of the actress Brighton Sharbino after The Walking Dead

Having run for 10 seasons so far, The Walking Dead remains one of the most brutal shows on television. But fans can’t help but keep an eye out. After all, the show also features some of the most compelling stars, like Norman Reedus , Melissa McBride , Andrew Lincoln , Danai Gurira , and Jeffrey Dean Morgan , and others like Brighton Sharbino , who had yet to make their mark in Hollywood at that time . moment.

Brighton Sharbino, who at one point played young Lizzie Samuels. Sharbino’s Lizzie may have only appeared in several episodes , but her character left quite an impression, killing her own sister before being told to look at the flowers during her own execution. Today, the girl who brought this character to life has grown up and taken on a wide range of projects that clearly show that she can do more than just horror.

When The Walking Dead cast Brighton Sharbino, she was relatively new to Hollywood , having made brief appearances on shows like Friday Night Lights, Hannah Montana, and Barney & Friends. And so, the AMC series was one of her first stable gigs and Sharbino was more than happy to be surrounded by industry veterans. “I learned a lot just being on set and working among really great professional actors and actresses,” the actress told “I learned that you really have to work at your craft to be good at it; the best thing you can do is constantly work and improve yourself.”

The Walking Dead opened up a lot of opportunities for Brighton Sharbino

Around the same time that he starred in the series, Brighton Sharbino started landing a few acting jobs here and there. For example, she made guest appearances on hit shows like NCIS, Once Upon a Time, and True Detective . And when she left the AMC series, Sharbino also found more casting opportunities here. “The Walking Dead definitely opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I am very grateful for my time on the show because I have had many more opportunities in recent years, “said the actress.

Miracles from Heaven was one of the first projects Brighton Sharbino worked on after leaving The Walking Dead. Based on a true story, the young actress played Abby Beam, the sister of a girl (played by Kylie Rogers) who suffered from a rare and incurable disease. Meanwhile, the girls’ mother was played by none other than Golden Globe-winning actress Jennifer Garner. They were also joined by Queen Latifah and Martin Henderson, who played the patriarch of the family. Sharbino’s next project involved the comedy-drama Bitch alongside Jason Ritter, Jaime King and Marianna Palka, who also wrote and directed the film. Around the same time, Sharbino also played one of the main characters in the Christmas movie The Christmas Trap (also known as Christmas in the Heartland).

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