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The incredible plans of Prince Harry and Meghan for the coronation of King Charles

Unsurprisingly, Prince Harry ‘s incendiary memoirs have only deepened the rift between him and his royal family . King Charles has decided that his divergent daughter will play no role in his upcoming coronation after revealing countless family secrets, royal sources say. “As it stands, there is no role for Harry in the service,” a source told The Sunday Times.

Although some British media have speculated that King Charles has completely removed Prince Harry from the coronation script, ensuring that his youngest son will be a mere member of the audience if he decides to attend the May 6 event at Westminster Abbey. The truth is that all the guests at the ceremony have not yet been confirmed, so it would be premature to ensure Harry’s exclusion from the guest list.

Sources consulted by The Sunday Times said both King Charles III and Prince William are furious after Harry’s autobiography “Spare” was leaked to the press. Prince Harry mercilessly described his brother as an abusive bully who threw him to the ground in one of the palace cabins and even called him his “archenemy”. Though primarily focused on his older sibling, the former royal also took shots at his father and rebutted his earlier claims that King Charles was an absentee father who abandoned him in the wake of his mother’s death. of the.

Prince Harry says he is willing to talk to King Charles III very soon

Amid the wave of speculation that arose prior to the coronation of the new British monarch, Prince Harry recently said in an interview that he would be willing to attend King Charles’s coronation ceremony, only if his father and brother, Prince William They are willing to sit down and talk to him. By virtue of such a condition, the question remains open about the participation of Princess Diana’s youngest son in the act of succession to her father.

The truth is that as the coronation date approaches, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are focused on the future of Archewell . The foundation, known as AWF, was established in October 2020, making 2021-2022 its first full year of operations. In that year, AWF raised $13 million and distributed $3 million in grants in key focus areas including vaccine equity, self-help centers, refugee resettlement, and building a better world online.

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