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The incredible physical change of Griffin Santopietro during his appearance in Cobra Kai

Griffin Santopietro is an actor best known for his character Anthony LaRusso, the son of Daniel and Amanda LaRusso in the martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai . Griffin is part of the supporting cast throughout all three episodes. He is not particularly interested in karate, unlike his father, who is a karate coach. But, his time as an avid video game player may be coming to an end. Speaking with Popternative, Griffin Santopietro suggested that Anthony LaRusso’s character could get more screen time soon.

In addition to professional stage acting, the actor has recently been discussed as a weight loss topic on the Internet. And it is that the image of Santopietro in 2021 is very different from the actor . The latter was a boy who appeared in series 1 of Cobra Kai. Over the past two seasons, Griffin has lost weight, which viewers of the show have observed. The scenes in which he appears during season 3 are extremely rare; some people have claimed that Anthony is not recognizable on the Netflix show.

Also, some have said that Anthony’s appearance had changed in his eyes, from his expression to his voice! Although Griffin Santopietro has a minor role on the show Cobra Kai at the moment, his character may get more camera time in upcoming seasons. YouTube viewers seem to believe that weight loss is an integral part of the plot in which his father joined Anthony LaRusso in karate classes.

Puberty has begun to show in Griffin Santopietro

In an interview with the pop culture magazine, Griffin Santopietro said: I would say that it is going to increase in all directions and even if I am not aware of something, I am convinced that the authors know how they are going and have an enlightened vision and concise. The truth is, there are some big changes underway for everyone. Daniel’s son Anthony was not around for most of Season 2.

A new Reddit article says that the actor who plays Anthony, Griffin Santopietro, has changed drastically in recent seasons . Looks like his puberty is starting to show, and the little boy isn’t so slimy. This could indicate that Anthony might be involved in karate once and for all. With his current form, it’s not hard to imagine him joining a dojo and following his father.


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