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The incredible fortune that actress Peyton List managed to accumulate before Cobra Kai

Peyton List may be one of the busiest working actors in Hollywood. The fact that she started her career so early and has worked steadily since 2002 when she was literally a kid has definitely accounted for her net worth of $7 million from her. According to Celebrity Net Worth, this is what the 22-year-old Disney Channel star has taken away.

Like many Disney Channel stars, like AJ and Aly Michalka, as well as some incredibly wealthy ones, Peyton List has gone to great lengths to break out of her Disney Channel persona. The alabaster blonde is best known for her role as Emma Ross on Disney Channel’s Jessie, as well as her own spin-off series, Bunk’d. However, thanks to the Diary of a Whimpy Kid movies, as well as Netflix ‘s Cobra Kai , Peyton is quickly becoming associated with other projects.

In Peyton List’s first two roles, on the soap opera As The World Turns and Spider-Man 2 , she was listed as “Little Girl”. But this was quite an achievement given that the roles were in 2002 and she was only born in 1998. Her roles were small until 2008 when she was cast as the younger version of Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses and in Lucy Liu’s Cashmere Mafia. All of this made Peyton a successful actress, something her parents clearly wanted. After all, her two siblings (twin Spencer and younger brother Phoenix) also started acting at a very, very young age.

With the passage of time, the actress Peyton List moved away from the Disney Channel

After a series of other small roles in larger projects, Peyton List was cast as Holly Hills in Diary Of A Whimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. This was followed by the third edition of the Whimpy Kid films in which Peyton reprized the “popular” girl role of her. Around the same time, the Disney Channel reached out to Peyton, a moment that sent her career into the stratosphere. In 2011, Peyton List was formally asked to join the Disney Channel series Jessie, the eldest of four rich kids. Joining Peyton was Disney Channel alum Debby Ryan. At the time, this was Peyton List’s biggest role, especially since Jessie was a smash hit for the Disney Channel. Although it only lasted four seasons, it gave Peyton a large and steady paycheck.. It also allowed him to reprise his role in the spin-off series Bunk’d.

After a 2016 Disney Channel Original Movie, The Swap, Peyton List began to move away from Disney Channel projects. Actress Peyton was cast as the lead in a web series called Light as a Feather. She then came the recurring role of her as Tory on Cobra Kai, which started out as a YouTube Premium action series and was eventually picked up by Netflix. Over the past few years, Peyton has found ways to diversify her income stream. This includes product endorsements, modeling and her music. Perhaps one of the other ways that Peyton List has maintained a net worth of $7 million is the fact that she doesn’t actually spend a lot of money, according to Nicki Swift.

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