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The Funniest Grownup Swim Shows, Ranked

Grownup Swim has actually been pirating Animation Network for 22 years with a few of the weirdest and most intriguing shows on television. Here are the funniest.

Animation Network is a genius of animation and storytelling for kids by day, and a madcap, obscene, and caricatural treasure by night. Stating “All kids out of the pool,” Grownup Swim takes control of the family-friendly Animation Network as its late-night, zany, speculative, and typically surrealist alter-ego. The shows block consists of reruns of universal favorites like Household Man or Futurama, broadcasts terrific anime such as Cowboy Bebop, and has actually put out a multitude of initial series that continued to end up being a few of the best animated shows for grownups ever, even using live-action on a channel committed to animations.

Grownup Swim is more than a specific niche tv bloc, as its unrefined funny bone, gonzo gags and respect for violence developed a popular existence in popular culture, affecting animation, funny, and numerous memes; for example, Expert explains the TikTok pattern of developing reproductions of something called bumpers, short top quality clips that aired in between the shows on Grownup Swim. So let’s take a look at the list of the funniest Grownup Swim shows that assisted the alternative block become its own precious network of sorts.


12 Inspect It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule


Close-up of John C. Reilly in Check it Out With Steve Brule
Abso Lutely Productions

Generated from the Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim reveal universe, Inspect it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule is adorably obnoxious. This parody of a talk program in the visual design of an old VHS tape is amusing and more than a bit troubling. John C. Reilly has numerous dazzling efficiencies in his bag; nevertheless, he is, put simply, pitch-perfect as the titular character. His character’s wacky shenanigans and total ineptness stumbled upon as genuine — and C. Reilly’s innovative improvisation abilities make it an authentic knee-slapper.

11 Ethical Orel

Ethical Orel strolled, so that the other sadcoms, such as BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, and Anomalisa might run. Looking like a normal satire of Christian fundamentalism, Ethical Orel grew more mournful in later seasons in a genuine effort to raise heavy styles like household dysfunction, anxiety, and dependency — that made it most likely the most heartbreaking animation of perpetuity and ultimately triggered the series’ failure. In spite of getting canceled, this stop-motion comedy-drama gem originated a brand-new technique to adult animation: not an obscene dark funny loaded with high jinks and f-bombs however an honest and amusing, in heartbreaking ways, dramedy.

10 Metalocalypse

Metalocalypse resembles a satirical limerick of heavy metal culture stuffed into an 11-minute-episode format. The program focuses around Dethklok, the world’s most effective death metal band. In spite of the parody, the program’s commitment to metal culture and attention to information, with terrific artistry, deserves keeping in mind. The soundtrack is composed by guitar player Brendon Small, who likewise functions as a program developer. The animation is consistently synced to the music, each shot crafted so that the fingers are placed on the right chord positionings, contributing to the credibility of this enjoyable tribute to death metal; the imaginary band from the program even visited.

9 Aqua Teenager Cravings Force

Aqua Teenager Cravings Force was launched in the very first initial Grownup Swim lineup back in 2000. This bonkers malarkey of a program handled to secure the much-desired 18-to-34-year-old viewership, as The Guardian notes. It follows a gang of anthropomorphic processed food who simply spend time New Jersey. The early episodes had loose superhero/detective vibes however later, ATHF settled in as an easygoing journey with a hot hip-hop soundtrack. Because it aired, ATHF has actually been thought about whatever from comic gold, to garbage, to a hare-brained things d’art (and even a terrorist scare) — however most significantly, an audience beloved, and the longest-running program on Grownup Swim up until Robotic Chicken took its location.

8 The Eric Andre Program

A fever dream in a bottle, The Eric Andre Program bludgeons its audiences with a non-stop train of absurdist and gross spoofs — these moments are outrageous and revoltingly entertaining at the exact same time. The Eric Andre Program has actually been a best meme-generator even prior to the meme looked like a principle in the general public mind. Possibly due to Eric Andre’s psychopathic off-hand charm, this unsanitized punk-rock parody of a talk program catapulted from its specific niche to a mainstream satire of celeb culture.

7 Harvey Birdman, Lawyer at Law

Got of the Hanna-Barbera animation Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, Harvey T. Birdman discovers himself as a defense lawyer; a damn excellent one at that. Harvey Birdman, Lawyer at Law is a masterclass in utilizing fond memories to draw in audiences without damaging the initial characters. Familiar animated characters, like Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, and Captain Caveman, are re-purposed into an unanticipated wacky setting looking like a contemporary world with contemporary issues. It might likewise be among Stephen Colbert’s best endeavors into voice performing.

6 Rick and Morty

What basically began as a Back to the Future parody, Rick and Morty broke all seeing records with warp speed and ended up being Grownup Swim’s primary most-viewed series. It is not really the sci-fi components that made this program so well-liked, however rather the dark viewpoint of Rick and Morty, which is a mix of existentialism, nihilism, and absurdism paired with characters agent of various lines of idea.

Fan theories, breakdowns of episodes, descriptions of gags, and covert significances have actually set YouTube and Reddit on fire. By playing this video game of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it recommendations and jokes, Rick and Morty ends up being a genuinely postmodern tale, the kind which rather actually welcomes the audience to sign up with the titular characters on their experience.

5 Area Ghost Coast to Coast

Area Ghost Coast to Coast is among the weirdest talk shows ever, and its affinity for surreal humor basically provided Grownup Swim its hallmark lunacy. Eric Andre in specific is understood to be influenced by it, attempting to imitate the feel of this large madness in The Eric Andre Program. When a well-known superhero, Area Ghost utilizes his network of celeb buddies to end up being a spaced-out talk program host with a skill for amusing quips. The magic of photomontage makes it possible for famous visitors, from Tommy Wiseau and Jack Black to Zoe Saldana and Conan O’Brien, to stand for an interview with an animation character, which all go incredibly awkwardly. The program birthed numerous ‘spinoffs’: Aqua Teenager Cravings Force, The Brak Program, and others.

4 Robotic Chicken

What occurs if Teletubbies are picked as the Power Rangers? Completion outcome is repugnant and ludicrous television, a stop-motion parody of whatever that a typical American audience loves. A remarkably effective (and Emmy-winning) contemporary classic from Seth Green, Robotic Chicken mercilessly parodies American popular culture. The sketches are hit-or-miss, however when they struck, they are exceptionally quick-witted.

3 Tuca & Bertie

Netflix’s choice to cancel Tuca & Bertie triggered a commotion on Twitter. The Good News Is, Grownup Swim saw the amazing capacity of the series and chose it up. A bold program about women for women, Tuca & Bertie struck home with a generation of 20-30-somethings who attempted to make it through in a gig-economy while concurrently handling the debilitating understanding of living — through grim, typically self-deprecating humor, naturally.

2 The Boondocks

Frequently, race-conscious developers wind up making colorblind shows, which is, truthfully, not the best representation. Politically charged and magnificently animated, The Boondocks rammed through this sterilized representation of the Black experience, rather providing complex Black identities and going over Black cultural authority, referencing hip-hop, Tyler Perry, R. Kelly, Martin Luther, Oprah, therefore a lot more. As an outcome, The Boondocks has its jokes and soul in equivalent procedure, standing apart from all other Grownup Swim shows.

1 The Endeavor Bros.

The Endeavor Bros. provides an outrageous world of superheroes and bad guys bound by governmental bureaucracy. This Grownup Swim staple deconstructs superhero tropes, skillfully holding audiences’ attention by parodying clichés of the category however constantly in creative and innovative ways. Remarkable storytelling paired with crisp, elegant animation raises The Endeavor Bros. from an easy parody that depends on its source product, and into an excellent standalone experience of terrific character advancement, creative humor, and luxurious absurdity.

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