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The Best Movies About Hippie Subculture, Ranked

The 1960s was a substantial time of huge modification, and absolutely nothing showed this rather even hippies and the movies they influenced.

In 1969, among the earliest movies about the then-prominent hippie subculture, Alice’s Dining establishment, was launched. The movie, directed and composed by Arthur Penn and Venable Herndon, was an action to brand-new American obstacles such as the Vietnam War draft and numerous other anxiety-inducing occasions of the 1950s. The movie brought a comparable message to the motion as a whole: a review of western society and its modern practices, intending to alter the American state of mind to among peace and love. The hippie motion rebelled versus these ideological and political systems in a program of wild substance abuse and sexual liberalism, 2 topics that are gone to in most movies that discuss this period.

In a University Press of Mississippi interview, Arthur Penn states that Alice’s Dining establishment was an action to “the US’ silence” and a representation of “the brand-new generation that’s attempting to conserve whatever.” Like the movement itself, movies about hippie subculture look at multiple perspectives like these, but mostly focus on pushing the boundaries of established society and feature youth “attempting to conserve” a damaged world.

Although the motion unwinded in the 1970s, hippie culture continued to appear in movement images since of its irreversible impression on society. Up till today, there have actually been a range of analyses of hippie subculture (both favorable and crucial) coming out of Hollywood. Flicks of that period, like Alice’s Dining establishment, focused on the state of mind of that time, while more current movies like The Big Lebowski and Throughout deep space studied the after-effects. Here are the best movies about hippie subculture, ranked.


9 Throughout deep space

Directed by Julie Taymor and influenced numerous tunes by The Beatles, Throughout deep space follows the lives of 4 young characters in the 1960s who are affected by the years’s political motions. The story handles extreme political demonstrations, sexuality, the civil liberties motion, and the Vietnam War. Lucy, played by Evan Rachel Wood, ends up being especially associated with the anti-war motion and edges on compulsive. She pertains to her senses, nevertheless, when she finds her leader is crafting bombs. The movie likewise takes a look at dependency following speculative drugs in the 1960s.

8 Wonderwall

This British psychedelic movie came out in 1968 and entirely use the sensations of the time. Directed by Joe Massot, the underrated Wonderwall actually goes into the speculative substance abuse and liberal sexuality of the 1960s. Essentially, the movie follows a male who spies on his next-door neighbors’ photoshoots through a hole in the wall in between their apartment or condos, however as a speculative movie, Wonderwall does not have any genuine story and needs to be taken more as a visual experience. According to Budd Wilkins of Slant, the movie needs to be seen for its “eye-popping set designs and spaced out world music ambiance,” made up by the Beatle, George Harrison.

7 Psych-Out

Psych-Out was another psychedelic movie launched in 1968, with an outstanding cast consisting of Jack Nicholson, Susan Strasberg, Dean Stockwell, and Bruce Dern. In summary, a deaf lady escapes to San Francisco to look for her missing bro and falls under the Haight-Ashbury hippie district. The movie’s manufacturer, Penis Clark, stated in his narrative Rock, Roll, and Keep In Mind, that he desired the movie to be an anti-drug piece since he had actually seen youths in hippie communes residing in “awful squalor.” Like numerous movies in this list, it was an account of the borders being broken by the hippie motion.

6 Easy Rider

This anti-establishment movie was composed by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern. Fonda and Hopper star in Easy Rider as 2 cyclists taking a trip on an impressive journey throughout America. They experience a lot of the styles checked out in other 60s movies, actually zeroing in on unhappy youth, drugs, and communes, together with the sense of despondence concerning the future which obliged numerous hippies to pursue both political action and indulgent hedonism. Easy Rider is understood for consisting of real substance abuse and including probably the very first excellent Jack Nicholson efficiency; it likewise has among the most haunting and best last shots in movie history.

5 Helter Skelter

Made-for-TV and based upon the 1974 book, Helter Skelter takes a look at the murders devoted by the Manson household. Charles Manson embraced the term “helter-skelter” from the Beatles tune of the very same name. Although Manson had a criminal history, he was partially affected by the anti-establishment and hippie motions of the years; his cult and comparable ones were frequently consolidated hippie subculture (and its focus on drugs, unlawful acts, and common living), something completely illustrated in As Soon As Upon a Time in Hollywood.

4 As Soon As Upon a Time in Hollywood

Partially based around the very same occasions as Helter Skelter, this Quentin Tarantino movie follows a well-known star and his stunt double browsing Hollywood in the late 1960s. Starring Leonardo Decaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie, Tarantino composed As Soon As Upon a Time in Hollywood and chose his 2 primary characters need to be next-door neighbors to Sharon Tate. While the movie primarily concentrates on the passing away appeal of Westerns and old Hollywood, the scenes on the Spahn Cattle ranch, house of the Mansons, actually goes into the activities of the time, and the dynamite, concurrently violent and comic ending is a revisionist (and rather conservative) handle the Manson criminal activities and hippie subculture in basic.

3 Eggshells

Directed by Tobe Hooper, a male understood for his contributions to the scary category with Texas Chain Saw Massacre and numerous others, Eggshells flights the line in between speculative and purposefully scary. The movie centers on a group of teen hippies who are living in a commune, based in an old home in the woods; some strange activity in the basement leads them to think there is a supernatural existence down below. Critic Louis Black of the Austin Chronicle explains the movie as “more cinematic than you’d expect” with “moments of classic psychedelic cutting and colors.” It is among the unusual however effective circumstances of hippies and scary merging together.

2 Woodstock

This 1970 American documentary Woodstock caught the titular music celebration in the summer of 1969 which, to numerous, was the most specific symptom of the hippie motion. Together with recording the efficiencies of numerous music artists, the movie encapsulates the youth of that time and the event of almost 400,000 people; it’s not just a captivating performance movie, however a traditionally crucial chronicle of the hippie subculture itself. 2 significant editors who dealt with the movie are Thelma Schooner and Martin Scorsese, and their fantastic usage of split-screen and cross-cutting

1 The Journey

This 1967 movie The Journey is among the very first and best, if not the best, representations of the hippie subculture in the 1960s. Composed by Jack Nicholson and directed by the legendarily respected Roger Corman, the narrative follows a television commercial director who takes LSD to sidetrack himself from the heartbreak of his current divorce. He experiences numerous trippy visions and winds up adventuring all over the Sundown Strip. The flick consists of wild modifying to duplicate the hallucinations induced by LSD, and not just replicates the sensation of an acid journey however the sensation of the late 60s, also.

Although the hippie motion is over, its years produced great deals of product for excellent movies, and will definitely influence other movies in years to come. After all, brand-new generations are coming which will “want to save everything,” as Arthur Penn stated, and there’s a great deal of things that require conserving.

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