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The 10 Most Worst Things Gon and Killua Have Done To Each Other

The world of anime is full of fantastic bromances. Eren and Armin, Gon and Killua, and also brand-new entrances to the world of anime Bam and Khun each remind visitors just how stunning a youth relationship can be. Unfortunately, no relationship is perfect, so even legendary bromances like these have their downs as well as ups.

Hunter X Hunter gave anime fans one of the best bromances in all of anime, but the relationship in between Gon and Killua is far from perfect. On a number of events, Gon as well as Killua damaged their relationship by acting out of their own self-interest. The listed here makes note of the 10 worst points Gon and Killua have done to every other.

Killua Left Gon After The Hunter Exam

The relationship in between Gon and also Killua began when the two fulfilled while taking the Hunter Exam. They were both there for different factors, they quickly discovered that they had fairly a little bit in common and also swiftly became good friends.

Still, when Killua failed the examination as a result of his brother’s disturbance, he left without also telling Gon where he was going. This led to Gon slipping into the Zoldyck estate, placing his life in danger in order to reunite with his good friend. After watching Gon appear an actual wall in order to pass the Hunter Exam with his friends, Killua ought to have known that Gon would chase him complying with the test. This means the silver-haired youngster put his brand-new good friend in temporal risk for little to no reason.

Killua Compared Gon To Hisoka By Drawing A Power Scale In The Sand

Hisoka is among one of the most unforgettable personalities in Hunter X Hunter. He is additionally one of the creepiest anime characters ever before put to screen, fans still like him thanks to his special nen capabilities and also fascinating character design.

At one point, Gon additionally fixed his eyes on Hisoka as a result of the method he taunted the young green-haired lead character throughout the Hunter Exam. He draws out a power range that definitely makes his close friend really feel powerless when Killua tries to describe just exactly how unreasonable Gon’s plan for vengeance is. There needed to be another method for Killua to clarify the void in between Gon and also Hisoka without disparaging his already irritated good friend.

Gon Monopolized Self-Sacrifice

When Gon as well as Killua are imprisoned by the Phantom Troupe during the Yorknew City Arc, Killua sees it as a chance to fight against the programming his brother Illumi placed him under as a kid. In order to keep Killua safe, Illumi and Silva Zoldyck utilized nen to compel the young assassin to run away from any type of battle that he wasn’t ensured to win.

Killua comprehends that in order to grow as a fighter as well as maintain his good friends risk-free, he has to be prepared to put his life on the line from time to time. Gon rejects to let Killua deal with however, requiring that he is the only one who can compromise himself for others. It is a minute that may slip by informal fans, but once followers have actually pertained to terms with Gon’s constantly egocentric actions, it is challenging to miss out on.

Killua Left Gon Alone To Learn Hatsu

Prior To Gon as well as Killua can enter the Greed Island video game and start their Isekai arc, they must find out just how to specialize their nen with Hatsu. Despite the fact that Killua seems to have a decent understanding of what Hatsu is and how to uncover it, he declines to offer his pal any kind of tips.

Possibly Killua believed that his silence would certainly inspire Gon, however when the booster was forced to connect to Wing for recommendations, it becomes clear that Killua was only burdening his buddy. There is a possibility he never ever would have been able to go into the Greed Island video game if Gon had not gotten to out to his previous educator for advice. Thinking about that the entire factor of entering the video game was to discover Gon’s father, it was a bit discourteous of Killua to be so stingy with his understanding.

Gon Used Killua As A Filter

” It’s my task to claim crazy stuff. It’s your job to remain great and also quit me.” This quote is another archetype of Gon selfishly hoarding character attributes to himself while anticipating Killua to accept his duty as the additional character in his journey.

It may be true that Gon is the lead character of Hunter X Hunter, however there is no reason for Gon to constantly remind Killua of the reality that he is a secondary character. As far as controling the story is worried, Killua offers as a stronger protagonist than Gon on a number of events. If Gon expects Killua to stay about as well as continue to tidy up his messes, he must be greater than going to do the exact same for Killua every so often.

They Both Casually Abuse Each Other Verbally & Physically

The means Killua and Gon take stabs at each other throughout the Hunter X Hunter collection is usually viewed as charming since they are youngsters, but it obtains very near to the line of spoken as well as physical abuse. When Gon breaks his arm in the Heavens Arena Arc, Killua makes a joke of relaxing his foot on Gon’s actors prior to leaving to go watch Hisoka’s battle with Kastro.

Killua understands very well of Gon’s fixation with Hisoka, yet he still leaves his close friend behind and mosts likely to watch the battle regardless of knowing his friend can not do the exact same. In the grand scheme of points, this minute might play itself off as comedic, but it is still a quite dreadful means to treat a good friend that has actually just been hurt.

Gon Destroyed Killua’s Hands During Dodgeball

Most of the abuse that takes place in between Killua as well as Gon is the outcome of their childish behavior. This is to say that neither of them generally intend to harm the various other, also when they do.

This is not the situation when Gon totally destroys Killua’s hands during their game of dodgeball in the Greed Island Arc. In order to win the suit, Gon is required to use his new Hatsu method, yet the only means to make it work is by putting Killua in harm’s means. When Gon discloses that he knew his strike would certainly harm Killua, it comes as a shock later. It was completely uncalled for, thinking about the green-haired lead character really did not also ask Killua if damaging every bone in his hands was okay.

Gon Yelled At Killua For Not Caring About Kite

Gon appears to think that individuals are who they are today as well as will never have the ability to transform. This is specifically evident when Gon presumes that Killua does not care about losing Kite even if he is able to regulate his emotions and adhere to the strategy they made prior to going into Chimera Ant region.

It holds true that Killua began the Hunter X Hunter series with a care free and also indifferent mindset that would make any person think that he is devoid of emotional add-ons, but as the collection advances Killua modifications. His psychological connection to Gon and Kite is made very clear throughout the Chimera Ant Arc, yet Gon still believes his buddy is not able to sign up the psychological weight of shedding them.

Killua Stalked Gon On His Date With Palm

The Chimera Ant Arc provides viewers a number of episodes where Gon is required to live a relatively typical life as a result of his nen being blocked. One of the episodes that Gon is helpless sees him go on a day with Palm.

With a personality design obtained straight from The Ring, Palm is just one of one of the most scary personalities in Hunter X Hunter. In addition to that, Gon is vulnerable to stop Palm from harming him if the day goes awry, which has actually led several to believe that Killua was only looking out for his close friend by stalking the day. Still, it is clear that Killua really did not count on Gon to handle the circumstance well, and even threatened his pal’s life by complying with both around throughout their day.

They Decided To Leave Each Other Indefinitely

Of all things that happen in between Gon and also Killlua throughout the Hunter X Hunter anime, the two never leave each other’s side for greater than a week each time. It is very clear throughout the series that the two of them balance each other out. In addition, both are able to regularly draw out the best in each other by encouraging the other to educate and also come to be more powerful nen customers.

The method they leave their relationship with so much obscurity is evidence of the reality that their relationship was not as airtight as lots of fans think. Possibly when the series returns, followers will certainly get the chance to see Gon as well as Killua reunite.

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