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Tanya Reynolds: This is what the actress of the Outlander and Sex Education series looks like now

At the tender age of four, Tanya Reynolds performed in a school Christmas play, and her mother praised her so much for her stellar performance that Tanya thought about becoming an actress. She didn’t think acting school was necessary and she looked for an agent, but her future as an actress looked bleak with each failed audition. It’s time for her to shine and her work in Outlander and Sex Education puts her in the celebrity category.

Persistence has been credited with opening doors, but in the case of Tanya Reynolds , she was going nowhere. She kept auditioning for leading roles but never got any. Her bad luck started in school when she wanted to play Tallula in “Bugsy Malone”, but she was cast as Knuckles. Hoping her fate would change for the better, Tanya auditioned for Alice in “Alice in Wonderland,” but booked the role of Dodo while she was cast as Miss Lynch in “Grease,” but wanted be Rizzo.

In addition to leading roles that always eluded her, an agent broke Tanya Reynolds ‘ spirit by telling her she didn’t have an ordinary face; therefore, finding a job in television would be difficult. Since things did not go as she expected, the actress did not fully decide to be an actress until she went to drama school. It is at the Oxford School of Drama where she Tanya learned that being the lead was not necessary to be a great performer. In addition, she began to appreciate herself as she is, which fueled her passion to be an actress and all this evolution has been evidenced in her artistic and physical change over the years.

With a serene beauty, the actress Tanya Reynolds assumes her physical characteristics and her talent to make her way in the industry

With a would-be agent already telling her she wasn’t ordinary enough to be cast in ordinary roles, Tanya Reynolds resigned herself to being the outsider. Even her liking for her characters always gravitated towards those weird characters that most likely no one wanted. For example, in “Friends” she liked Phoebe while in “Buffy” the actress preferred Willow. She could connect with those characters as she felt like a loser herself. However, she hoped that one day, all of her weirdness would pay off and she, playing Lily Iglehart in Sex Education, Tanya believes that she has.

Someone once said that every time you’re rejected, you should think of it as a blessing because you’re being redirected to something much bigger . Still, not everyone has faith in a better future, and Tanya Reynolds was desperate after facing so much rejection. She was always compared to other people, which made her think that something was wrong with her; that being herself was itself a weakness that she needed to overcome. However, Sheila Hancock told her that there is only one Tanya Reynolds; therefore, she can offer something that no one else can offer, and that is her strength. Now the actress is happy that she was rejected from all the other shows.

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