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Suspicions about The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan’s boyfriend are confirmed

If you’re familiar with The Walking Dead series and The Vampire Diaries series, you probably know Lauren Cohan . A British-American actress who is super talented and has beautiful brown hair . For her participation in the post-apocalyptic series alone, she has won two prestigious Satellite Awards for Best Television Cast in 2012 and Eyegore Awards for Best Supporting Cast a year later.

However, his career is not the only one that interests him. She also has an exciting personal life, especially a love life. Many people may see Lauren Cohan as the life of the party because she has this bubbly, childish personality and loves to pull a joke or two in interviews with her. However, it turns out that she has kept most of her life stories to herself. In one of her interviews, she stated that she aspired to “live a life by speaking less and listening more.”

She also said in her interview that she has been missing her balanced life, which is one of the most challenging parts of being an actress. Is that probably the reason why she kept her private life private? Because we will never have a balanced life between real life and work life if we share as much as our personal experience with our friends and the media. However, when Lauren was asked what she values ​​most, she no doubt said it was her family and her friends.

One of actress Lauren Cohan’s last couples was a talent agent

Now, there is no information or traces in her interviews that speak of her husband. She didn’t seem to be interested in getting married yet. There are no rumors after the latest news of her with her co-star on The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun, who played Glenn Rhee. Fans of her began to think that something was going on between them on and off screen during their interviews together. However, are they together in real life? Well, it’s not surprising that fans thought they dated because they played their characters so well on the show. Lauren Cohan even asked fans of hers to stop expecting her and Steven to date because Steven already has a wife and child in real life. Steven Yeun married Joana Park in 2016.

Lauren Cohan was in a three-year relationship with a handsome, charismatic, and insightful talent agent named Christian Carino . Christian’s reputation in Hollywood is excellent. Associated with big names like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Amber Heard, Simon Cowell and Miley Cyrus? Christian Carino and Lauren Cohan were first spotted together in 2016. However, they started dating in 2014 but managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. After three years together they separated and to date the reason for their breakup is unknown.


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