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Suresh Gopi was the first to call after hearing the news

Actor Harish Peradi has said that he will not change his decision to resign from the star organization Amma. Harish Peradi said that although he had sent his resignation to the president and secretary of the organization, no one had called him and only Suresh Gopi had inquired. Suresh Gopi said that he wanted to fight from within the organization but Harish politely refused.

Harish Perady resigns following controversy over high profile sex allegations against Vijay Babu. Harish Peradi had announced his resignation from an organization that continues to take such anti-feminist stances that protect criminals who are never digested by the public.

Note by Harish Peradi

I not only announced my resignation from my mother on Facebook … I sent my resignation to the personal number of the President and the General Secretary..I also mailed to my mother..These two did not call me … But the first time I heard the news of my resignation, it was Sureshettan … I often talked about his politics. Despite the criticism, he told me, ‘Don’t let anyone like you get out of this. You have to fight from within the organization.’ If you do not remember this man, it will be a great ungratefulness.

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