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Suresh Gopi keeps his word; 2 lakh mimics from ‘One Horn’ Advance

Suresh Gopi has kept his word that when he gets an advance for a new film, he will give Rs 2 lakh to the Mimicry Artists’ Association. When he got an advance from the movie Ottakompan, he gave a check of Rs 2 lakh to the organization. Suresh Gopi announced his support for mimicry artists during a program on a television channel during the recent Onam season.

Suresh Gopi had earlier announced that he would donate Rs 2 lakh for each film he makes for the upliftment of the Mimicry Artists Association. Now the actor has fulfilled that word. The mimicry artists came on stage to thank Suresh Gopi for donating Rs 2 lakh earlier.

MAA (Mimicry Artist ‘Association) is an organization that organizes television shows and raises money for widows’ mimicry artists’ education, children’s education and hospital expenses, and promotes the upliftment of mimicry artists and fulfills a wide range of social responsibilities.

Ottakompan is a movie directed by Mathew Thomas and starring Suresh Gopi in the lead role. Story and screenplay by Shibin Thomas. Construction Tomichan Chili.

The movie Tiger, directed by Shaji Kailas and starring Prithviraj, was first announced. The screenplay was by Jinu Abraham. The first look poster of the movie has also been released. After that, the motion teaser of Suresh Gopi’s 250th film directed by Mathews was released. It was called the ‘One Horn’.

Later, screenwriter Jinu Abraham filed a case against the film alleging that ‘Ottakompan’ was based on his script. The High Court upheld the judgment of the District Court in the case and banned the film. The High Court had upheld the district court’s ruling that the name or resolution of the Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan film could not be used by activists.

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