Jackass star Steve-O wishes to see people carry on from that questionable joke Amy Schumer outlined Ryan Dunn more than 10 years earlier. Back in 2011, Schumer was still a rising star in the funny world when she looked like a roaster on The Funny Central Roast of Charlie Shine. Among the most spoke about jokes that night originated from Schumer, who utilized Dunn’s death to take a dig at Steve-O.

“I truly am, no joke, sorry for the loss of your friend, Ryan Dunn,” Schumer stated on the program. “I know you must’ve been thinking, ‘It could’ve been me,’ and we were all thinking, ‘Why wasn’t it?'”


At the time, the joke triggered some groans from the crowd who felt it was prematurely to downplay Dunn’s death, which took place simply 3 months prior. Steve-O seemed noticeably upset by the joke too, as he didn’t even phony a smile. A number of Steve-O’s fans had actually greatly slammed Schumer for going there and even Steve-O could not assist however get included, stating some quite unfavorable aspects of her in 2012.

At one point, nevertheless, Steve-O and Schumer hashed things out and are on excellent terms nowadays. In a current episode of his podcast, the topic returned up after the Ryan Dunn joke resurfaced and renewed some reaction versus Schumer on social networks. Steve-O now is sorry for the method he dealt with that circumstance a years earlier and describes how whenever he sees the Schumer getting slammed online over that joke nowadays, it makes him uneasy.

“Let’s be clear that Amy Schumer was not saying anything disparaging of Ryan Dunn. The thing was that there was nothing wrong about what she said… I think she caught a lot of grief for that, that I don’t think that… I myself got carried away in all the grief that was being thrown at her, and I at one point reached out to her to just try to say, ‘Hey. I’m not proud of how I handled the situation. I was a jerk and I contributed to it.’ And we made everything real nice, and now whenever I see Amy Schumer getting grief for that to this day, I don’t like it. I don’t think she deserves it and it bothers me.”

Steve-O Reunited With the Jackass Gang

Steve-O just recently reunited with the Jackass gang for the brand-new follow up Jackass Forever, which struck theaters in February. An alternate cut called Jackass 4.5 is likewise now streaming on Netflix. Long time fans of the franchise might delight in seeing most of the initial cast back together, although some crucial names are missing out on. That, naturally, consists of Ryan Dunn, who passed away after the release of Jackass 3D.

Bam Margera was likewise primarily missing from Jackass Forever. Throughout the follow up’s production, Margera had a falling out with the Jackass group for supposedly stopping working to comply with a “wellness agreement” that monitored his possible substance abuse. He was fired from the movie and later on submitted a claim versus the filmmakers, however the suit has actually because been settled. Margera more just recently commemorated a one-year conclusion of an alcohol and drug treatment program and seems carrying on with his life.