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Special: Kyle Gallner Talks Supper in America and Playing an Angsty Punk on a Journey

Kyle Gallner discusses Supper in America, a dark, punk-rock movie that follows a duo as they pass through the Midwest residential areas.

Supper in America is a freshly launched coming-of-age story with an in-your-face hard rock twist. Written and directed by Adam Rehmeier, the movie stars Kyle Gallner and Emily Skeggs as Simon and Patty, a not likely duo who cross courses and link.

Lead Kyle Gallner has actually been included in television and movies given that the early 2000s with remarkable functions in Scream (2022), The Strolling Dead, Smallville, Jennifer’s Body, Red State, the A Headache on Elm Street reboot, The Haunting in Connecticut, Big Love, Veronica Mars, and much more. Even with many credits under his belt over the last twenty years, it appears that Supper in America is not simply another movie for him. This one is unique. Or, as Gallner informs us, “it’s its own special little animal.”


This “epic journey… through the decaying suburbs of the American Midwest” had its opening night at the 2020 Sundance Movie Celebration. It has actually been consulted with important appreciation and gratitude for its eccentric characters, hard rock style, and big heart. There is, certainly, something unique to be discovered within Supper in America. Gallner and Skeggs’ efficiencies are empowering, capitivating, and simply obscene adequate to have an awkwardly great time.

We talked with Kyle Gallner about the movie and Simon’s intricate nature, and falling for Skeggs’ Patty. Supper in America is now displaying in choose theaters and concerning Digital and As Needed on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

Simon & Patty are Suddenly Relatable

MovieWeb: So, you play Simon in Supper in America. Do you see yourself in Simon a bit?

Kyle Gallner: I matured listening to punk and hardcore music; I was a seamless gutter rat skater kid taking beer from people’s garages in Pennsylvania. There’s absolutely a part of that in me, so it was enjoyable to let that part of me back out. It was taking that side of me and simply cranking it as much as like 11. I had a few of that angst and rage and all that as a kid. I believe all of us have that to a level, and it’s quite relatable. A great deal of people wish to buck the system or press back. There is something revitalizing to that, and it’s an abrasive task.

Simon is an obtained taste for sure, however by the end of it, I believe people connect to Simon more than they recognize at the start.

MovieWeb: Definitely. You and Emily [Skeggs] have terrific chemistry, and your characters enhance each other well. What was the ambiance, the energy like on set?

Kyle Gallner: It resembled summer camp. We had a lot enjoyable. We arrived 2 weeks early to tape the music, learn more about each other, and review some script things. We learnt more about Adam and do closet and all that. In those 2 weeks, we simply hung out all the time and prepared supper. We would go do pack together, and we developed a genuine bond. By the time we were shooting, we relied on each other to be able to take these characters to the places they required to go and understand that the other individual would exist. Emily was my safeguard. Simon’s a lot. [laughs]

Me and Emily resemble buds; we’re genuine buddies. Me and Adam [Rehmeier] are very close; I speak with Adam all the time. It was simply among those scenarios where you win genuine relationships and genuine good friends. You have actually made something unique together. It was an actually special experience.

MovieWeb: That’s terrific to hear. Can we concur that the world requires more prominent women like Emily and lead characters like Patty?

Kyle Gallner: Yeah, I indicate, 100 hundred percent. The reality that Emily’s not in every movie on earth is an outright criminal offense. She’s so f***ing gifted. This is an intriguing movie due to the fact that they put the partners as the leads. They put individuals that are more real to life front center, and I believe people connect to that. And even and to your point, much more so than Simon, it is Patty there must be more of due to the fact that it’s considerably more relatable. What Emily has actually finished with Patty is really an unique thing. I believe a great deal of people are gonna watch that and feel empowered by Patty and Emily. I believe that is among the presents that this movie gives.

MovieWeb: Some expectations ready up at first, and all of it shatters in a fantastic method. You anticipate Simon to take control of the primary lead due to the fact that he’s abrasive, however he does not subdue her at all.

Kyle Gallner: You’re right. It’s type of like a death of the torch however without it being a death of the torch. It’s more similar to Simon’s reached his expiration point, and she’s an overall punk rocker herself. She’s simply got a various variation of it, and she takes control of. I enjoy that it’s equivalent. She assists him, and he assists her. He’s not being available in like, “Let me save the day, weirdo!” These 2 are unusual, and they’re there for each other, and I believe that’s substantial and genuine.

What’s fascinating about the very first 20 minutes is that it is so abrasive and extreme on both characters’ sides. Simon is an epic type of ball of rage, and after that you see Patty getting non-stop bullied. That is necessary due to the fact that it gives these characters someplace to go.

Kyle Gallner’s Simon Goes On a Complex Journey

MovieWeb: As Simon, you had a lot to balance. He is impolite and rough around the edges, however on the other hand, he’s still so pleasant, and you desire him to be all right. Was it a challenge finding that line without going too far in the incorrect instructions?

Kyle Gallner: Yeah, there specify moments where I purposefully made the option to not truly reveal much of a shift up until Patty sings. You truly see that this is what is necessary to this individual. He likes music, and he likes sharing it with this individual. He really sees this individual at this minute, and it’s a gorgeous minute for both of them. So, it’s stabilizing those things out.

It’s likewise discovering why Simon states dreadful things. He states things no one need to state, however in Simon’s mind, or a minimum of his distorted variation of things, he’s a button pusher. I believe he’s really evaluating Patty’s response at that minute. He’s not a fantastic man and has problems, however I do believe at the end of the day, his heart remains in the ideal place. He simply has a messed-up method of revealing things and doing things. I believe you pertain to comprehend Simon a bit more. I’m not stating it’s all right what he states. I’m simply stating there is a journey.

MovieWeb: Simon is an exceptionally intricate character, as you simply explained. Do you believe it fits his story more that it isn’t rainbows and sunlight by the end? Everybody isn’t simply repaired and treated.

Kyle Gallner: Right, yeah, they’re not simply amazingly these altered people. They are unapologetically themselves to the end. When Simon comes out of jail, I do not anticipate some reformed man coming out of there. He’d slip his coat back on and resemble, let’s go. Let’s see how the world has actually altered.

MovieWeb: Prior to we cover, you have actually remained hectic over the last couple of years with Scream, Supper in America, Shudder’s The Cleansing Hour, and you have a couple of things in the pipeline. Exists anything you wish to highlight?

Kyle Gallner: I did Something’s Incorrect with Rose, which’s a cool one, however I can’t truly discuss it excessive. I simply did another one called The Guest that we simply ended up. It’s all truly early things. I in fact composed a movie that we remain in the procedure of getting off the ground. I’m dealing with some cool people on that, however it hasn’t been revealed, so I can’t truly discuss it much.

I’m extremely grateful to have actually been hectic, particularly in such an insane time. It was so disorderly, and I’m extremely lucky to have actually had the ability to work. I’m extremely thrilled for people to lastly get to see Supper in America, and we’ll see what takes place. Indie movie, man. I hope it discovers people. I believe it’s its own unique little animal and, ideally, it discovers the ideal people.

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