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South Indian movies like Kovid virus are invading Bollywood- RGV

Director Ramgopal Verma has slammed Bollywood movies. Ram Gopal Varma has blamed the film industry for not recognizing the impact of foreign language films on Bollywood audiences. Kannada and Telugu films are attacking Hindi cinema like the Kovid virus. He added that the vaccine should be found immediately. Ramgopal Verma’s tweet was referring to the Hindi remake of the movie Jersey starring Nani.

The failure of Jersey marks the death of Hindi remakes. Look at the success of dubbings like Pushpa, RRR and KGF. If the film is good, the audience will accept it.

If Nani’s jersey had Rs 10 lakh, it could have been translated into Hindi. Instead, a Hindi remake was prepared at a cost of Rs 100 crore. How much money and effort is wasted. Actors from local movies are able to attract Bollywood audiences. The success of recent South Indian films is a sign of that.

Bollywood movies are hitting from behind and in front. Trying to survive by remaking South Indian movies. But they do not know how to do it. In this case, the South Indian filmmakers will no longer sell the rights to the remake to anyone.

Many remakes of South Indian films are coming to Bollywood. Alien, The Great Indian Kitchen, Hridayam, Vikram Veda, Driving License, Surarai Potter, Uturn, Rakshasan and Forensic are some of the films that are being made in Bollywood.

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